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2010 New Zealand Commuter Pain Study

2010 New Zealand Commuter Pain Study

The 2010 IBM New Zealand Commuter Pain survey of over 900 commuters, distributed throughout Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington (and conducted as an international study earlier in the year) looked at differences in metropolitan commuting patterns and the effects roadway traffic and work, university and school performance have on a person’s health and lifestyle.

For press resources relating to the 2010 New Zealand Commuter Pain Study, please see below.

Subject Matter Experts

Dougal Watt - Chief Technologist, IBM New Zealand

Kate Hewitt - Associate Partner, IBM New Zealand

Suzi Shaw Lyons - Managing Consultant, IBM New Zealand

Peter Neilson - CEO, New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development

News releases
Date Title
14 Dec 2010 IBM Commuter Pain Study reveals New Zealanders heavily dependent on cars for daily commute


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