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Sandesh Bhat

Vice President, India Software Lab

Full biography

Sandesh is responsible for driving the development transformation mission and growth across all Software Group brands. He joined IBM in 1996 and has held various leadership positions including responsibility for innovation and technology enablement supporting our vast product life cycle echo-system and collaborating with business partners, ISVs, customers and development communities worldwide.

 Prior to moving to India and taking up his current assignment, Sandesh served as the Vice President of Messaging and Collaboration, a division within IBM Software Group. His role included leading a worldwide team spanning 7 locations and driving design, development and delivery of several market-leading products.

 Sandesh has also helped spearhead the strategy and execution of key emerging technology projects within IBM CIO which have had an impact on more than four hundred thousand employees in the company. Additionally, he has provided executive sponsorship and oversight to several strategic enterprise customer deployments worldwide and has worked extensively with customers in the US, Canada, China, India and Europe, providing a consistent record of innovation and implementation which have made him a recognized technology leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals.

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