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IBM’s 2013 CeBIT Motto: Rethink your Business

Martina Koederitz presents IBM’s CeBIT motto for 2013: Companies need to constantly transform and develop their existing business models in order to do justice to market requirements that have undergone changes.

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Ehningen - 04 Dez 2012: Martina Koederitz, General Manager IBM Germany, explained IBM’s new CeBIT motto at the main Deutsche Messe AG Press conference on CeBIT 2013. “With ‘Rethink your Business’,” she said, “we are building a smart bridge between IT, technology, and solutions for the business models of tomorrow. We see the need, with businesses challenged by hyperdigitization and progressive networking, for them to constantly ‘rethink’ their business models, targeting and adjusting them to changed market requirements.” IBM’s motto is a seamless match for the CeBIT motto unveiled by Deutsche Messe AG in that CeBIT’s ‘shareconomy’ concept takes up the trend to a new corporate openness and cooperation in partnership.

“The findings of our latest CEO study underscore the shareconomy concept. What it amounts to is that openness toward markets, in corporate culture, and in relation to innovation management is the new success currency for bosses and employees,” said Martina Koederitz, Country General Manager IBM Germany, at the beginning of Deutsche Messe AG’s main Press conference on CeBIT 2013. She referred in this connection to the current IBM CEO study, Leading Through Connections, which demonstrates that readiness for cross-enterprise partnership and collaboration has increased sharply and will continue to grow.

Furthermore, in IBM’s opinion, the social media are barnstorming into companies and business processes under the heading of social business. Social Business relies on sharing rather than ruling. Globalization, new technologies, and ever-shorter development cycles increase the pressure for innovation in all companies, necessitating greater transparency. In the process, a look at the product’s entire value chain, including beyond the company’s boundaries, is growing more and more important. Global networking and integration of all employees and production sites are an important issue, especially for Germany’s expanding SMBs, with Industry 4.0 as the keyword.

IBM supports shareconomy development with suitable technologies and solutions. The IBM PureSystems product family, unveiled last spring, is a case in point. It is a new generation of smart IT systems – so-called expert integrated systems. The IBM PureSystems family, including both hardware and a large number of different software components, will be one of the highlights at IBM’s CeBIT booth in 2013. Around the world not only several thousand IBM Development Center employees in nearly 40 countries contributed to its development; so did the expertise of around 200 Business Partners.

“Progress toward a ‘shareconomy’ makes it essential to constantly put business models to the test along ‘Rethink your Business’ lines,” Koederitz concluded. “Together with partners and customers, that can generate innovations to open up new markets and establish highly integrated value chains. That, in my view, is the only way we will be able to keep pace with the current rapid pace of change.”

IBM will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover with around 130 demo points in an area of 2,000 square meters in Hall 2. Together with business partners, innovative projects, solutions, and products will be presented and innovations from IBM research and development centers will be on show. They will include IBM projects from Poland, the official CeBIT 2013 partner country.

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