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IBM injects analytics into data centre consolidation and relocation services

Innovation from IBM Research provides businesses with seamless migrations by mapping application and IT dependencies

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Sydney, Australia - 28 Feb 2011: IBM today announced a new analytics-based tool for its data centre consolidation and relocation services which help clients gain up to 50% operational savings from the consolidation of IT assets and data centres.

IBM’s Analytics for Logical Dependency Mapping tool (ALDM) was created by IBM Research and applies advanced mathematical modeling to map application and server dependencies.  Included in Australian relocation services on a per server basis, ALDM quickly produces a highly accurate ‘snapshot’ of an IT environment, enabling IT managers to plan more effectively. 

From relocating hundreds of client data centres around the world, IBM’s experience is that client inventories based on manual methods are generally 70%-90 percent accurate. A more complete picture is required to plan for a relocation and only by identifying the physical and logical dependencies between networks, servers, middleware and applications can IT managers decide what assets need to move in unison to maintain system uptime.

ALDM is also aimed at organisations preparing to rationalise or consolidate their IT environment, or for those who are assessing their readiness for the cloud computing.

“We have done dozens of relocations and know success in any data centre migration is due to the right preparation and that means knowing what has to be moved and when,” says Glenn Santler, Global Technology Services Executive, IBM Australia and New Zealand.

“ALDM now offers organisations of all sizes a cost-effective way to simplify what can be a very complex process. It creates an easy to read map or ‘spider chart’ of an organisation’s entire IT environment, including virtualised machines, and suggests ‘affinity groupings’ which help to organise each move.”

ALDM runs without disrupting the existing IT environment, requires no user names or credentials, and does not collect any client application data.

ALDM is the latest in a suite of data centre services providing analytical capabilities offered by IBM Global Technology Services to help CIOs and business leaders better plan, manage and deploy IT and data centre infrastructure and budgets effectively.

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