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  • 1965 - Qantas

    1965 - Qantas

    Date added: 2011-06-16

    Qantas Passenger Reservations Manager, Mr. K.L. Shepard and Data Processing Controller Mr. E.S. Burley examine a model of an IBM System/360 computer installation in 1965.




  • 1957 - ANZ bank

    1957 - ANZ bank

    Date added: 2011-06-16

    The placement of the four-foot, double sided Tower Clock at the Sydney head office of the ANZ Bank in October 1957. From the close of the 19th century through 1958, IBM and its predecessors manufactured and sold a range of devices and systems to record, use, transmit and display time.




  • 1955 - AGL

    1955 - AGL

    Date added: 2011-06-16

    AGL (1955). AGL was the first public utility company in Australia to use IBM Electric Accounting Machines. AGL was an early adopter of new technologies, and was later one of the first Australian companies to purchase an IBM 650. This was used in conjunction with punched card machines such as sorters, collators and accounting machines.




  • 1963 - IBM 1410 at AMP

    1963 - IBM 1410 at AMP

    Date added: 2011-06-16

    The IBM 1410 data processing system at the AMP society in 1963. At AMP, IBM's equipment enabled new ways of calculating bonus payments and supporting the actuarial work underpinning the group's insurance operations.




  • 1966 - Arrival of the first System/360 in Australia

    1966 - Arrival of the first System/360 in Australia

    Date added: 2011-06-16

    Arrival of the first IBM System/360 in Australia in 1966. Thomas Watson Jr. made the biggest bet of his career with the System/360 family of computers, which ushered in an era of computer compatibility. Based on semiconductor chips, it dominated the industry for 20 years. With two years and $5 billion to develop - the equivalent of more than $30 billion today - System/360 remains one of the largest privately financed commercial projects ever.




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