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IBM Costa Rica History

In the 1990s, IBM Global revised its business model and decided to implement a new strategy that led to diversify its operations. Thus evolved from a computer manufacturer to become a globally integrated enterprise, which now offers to its clients technological solutions for software, hardware, finance support and added value services. IBM chose Costa Rica to expand operations due to the conditions in the country such as their good education and language levels, government support to multinational companies and foreign investment, its strategic location, political stability and climate, among other positive aspects. IBM Costa Rica offers different services to countries in the Americas, from Canada and the United States to South America. The solutions we create and the onboard team help transforming businesses.

In line with this change, in 2004, IBM opened in Costa Rica a Business Transformation Center to manage Human Resources (back office) processes as external provider (outsourcing). Through the years, IBM Costa Rica has diversified its portfolio offering outsourcing services in the division of IBM Global Process Services Outsourcing: Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management and Shared Services. It has recently expanded its operations to include an outsourcing division for Information Technology.

The specific processes that IBM Costa Rica employees manage include: payroll, benefit administration and compensation, corporate travel management, assistance to retirees, customer service, administration and allocation of staff resources, payable and collectable accounts management, level one support and support business tools, process management and account manager support, among others, for thousands of employees and our customers’ customers throughout the Americas, giving support in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

Between 2004 and 2007 IBM Costa Rica was dedicated solely to manage human resources for our customers. In 2008, Shared Services tower was introduced to support the internal client (IBM in other countries) in process management and account management support, administration and allocation of staff resources, among others. In October 2009 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tower was established providing customer service. In 2010, finance and administration tower was consolidated becoming in charge of: payable and collectable accounts management, account balancing and travel expense management. As of February 1st 2014, CRM, now known as Customer Care, will be provided through a strategic partnership with Concentrix

In 2011 IBM strengthened its position in Costa Rica by diversifying its business units and introducing an Information Technology Center (Strategic Outsourcing Delivery) and our consulting branch (Global Business Services), which now focuses on recruitment of professionals (IT, Project Managers and Consultants) for IBM projects. IBM Strategic Outsourcing Delivery Center announced a $300 million investment over 10 years and the hiring of 1,000 employees in the area of Information Technology between 2012 and 2014. In May 2012, the new Information Technologies Delivery Center was officially inaugurated at America Free Zone in Heredia.

The IT Centre provides high value-added services to customers around the world, reaffirming Costa Rica's position as a strategic country to provide technology services. This business unit provides support for accounts in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, including those via Cloud, in services such as: Service Management, Data Management (Oracle and DB2 DBAs), Application Hosting, PeopleSoft / WebSphere, SAP Basis, Service Delivery (Account) Management, Customer Support Management, Project Services, Problem and Change Management, Major Incident Management, Business Recovery Services, Availability Management, Transition and Transformation, Distributed Management Server, Software Packaging Management Services (SPMS), Tivoli, Network Services, Infrastructure Specialists, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Application Development, Audit and Compliance, Facilities and Strategy Optimization, Technical Solution Architects, etc.

Customers who receive service from Costa Rica include all industries (public, financial, industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, etc.)

The opening of IBM's business in Costa Rica came with the expectation of consolidating and strengthening its business for the benefit of customers and gives IBMers in Costa Rica the opportunity to pursue a career in a global company integrated by more than 430,000 people worldwide with a presence in over 170 countries.

The IBMer, our pride

IBM Costa Rica has a great team, which is a clear example of why this company is one of the most valuable global brands in the world. The success of our customers is our success; we are part of a company that gives us the opportunity to develop a career. In order to provide our customers with an excellent service we have a team of multilingual professionals. IBM Costa Rica provides support in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

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