Twenty Years of Satisfied Customers

For more than twenty years SUSE and IBM have been helping organizations of all sizes deploy and maintain mission-critical systems. The IBM and SUSE alliance provides all of the advantages of Linux along with comprehensive services, technology leadership and a global reach, giving your company the ability to confidently deploy a robust infrastructure throughout your enterprise.

Security in Numbers

SUSE Linux Enterprise is a Tier 1 IBM Operating System supported on all IBM hardware platforms, including System x, System z and Power. Organizations of all sizes depend on IBM's leadership in Business Analytics, Data Management, BPM and ERP. SUSE complements that leadership with support for over 1,700 of IBM’s industry and middleware solutions, including Websphere, DB2, Cognos and Tivoli. IBM and SUSE's relationship also moves well beyond hardware and software where thousands of IBM and SUSE customers have the choice of either SUSE or IBM Global Services as their preferred Linux support provider.

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SUSE Offerings

IBM is committed to helping customers leverage the many benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to create powerful, scalable business solutions. As pioneer in open source software, SUSE provides reliable, interoperable Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity, and reduce cost. Engineering excellence and exceptional service allow them to adapt and deliver the smarter innovation customers need to succeed—today and tomorrow.

  • -SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    Maintain data security while retaining the ability to grow your datacenter with a highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system built to power both physical and virtual mission-critical workloads. More
  • -SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z
    Simplify your datacenter, increase flexibility and reduce downtime at lower cost by consolidating your distributed workloads on the Linux distribution optimized to run on IBM System z mainframes. More
  • -SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER
    Realize the promise of performance with the first distribution to support the IBM POWER platform. More
  • -SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
    Get the most out of your SAP investment with the Linux distribution enhanced to maximize uptime and availability, reduce costs and improve performance for SAP workloads. More
  • -SUSE Cloud
    Quickly and easily deploy an OpenStack-powered an Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud with the benefit of seamless management. More
  • -SUSE Manager
    Simplify the management of your Linux environment with SUSE Manager, an advanced systems management solution providing automated and cost-effective software, update and asset management across both SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. More
  • -SUSE Studio
    Rapidly build and seamlessly integrate applications into industry virtualization platforms and standards such as KVM. More
  • -SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
    Help ensure your systems and data remain available with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension. More

Virtualization with SUSE Linux Enterprise

SUSE strives to provide maximum choice, flexibility, and value by optimizing the performance of SUSE Linux Enterprise running as a guest in virtual environments. They started by enhancing the operating system's performance as a guest first on KVM and then on Xen with their own Xen implementation (in SUSE Linux Enterprise) and Citrix XenServer, as well as others. Their perfect guest strategy extends to partners in the proprietary software world as an optimized guest on VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V. Read the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server: Supported Virtualization Technologies white paper for detailed information.

SUSE is a leading a contributor to both the KVM and Xen hypervisor upstream open source projects and also contributes to and ensures the technical stability and support for open source projects like Spacewalk and OpenStack. And SUSE helps to promote increased awareness and market adoption of KVM through membership in the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA). More

3 Great Technologies, 1 Time-Saving Solution

If time is money, then SAP HANA appliances save you both. SAP HANA is designed to accelerate analytics, business processes, predictive analysis, and data processing. The only operating system selected by SAP for use with SAP HANA is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server , the versatile and reliable Linux for mission-critical environments. And the IBM Systems solution for use with SAP HANA is a pre-loaded, pre-configured, workload-optimized appliance that can improve performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Taken together, users instantly access, model and analyze all transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time, without impacting existing applications or systems.

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