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As our world becomes more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, organizations are re-thinking how to implement and deploy their IT infrastructure in ways that enable choice, reliability, scalability, and availability - so when business or technology conditions change, they can adapt with agility.

Why IBM Software?

IBM is one of the leading vendors of middleware, helping organizations build flexible solutions that can run on different hardware architectures and on different operating systems for a smarter planet. For example:

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Why Linux?

By implementing software solutions on Linux, organizations gain numerous benefits. First and foremost, Linux is flexible because of its open architecture, making Linux able to run well on a wide variety of hardware architectures as well as in the cloud. This provides your organization the ability to run applications where they run best for your organization, independent of the operating environment.

Linux is scalable, which means your decision today will remain valid for many years to come. In fact, smarter decisions today determine which problems are “already solved” tomorrow. Ask yourself if your infrastructure will scale up, scale out, or scale within, if your costs and/or ROI will scale, if you have the ability to manage multiple growth scenarios, and if you will be able to prevent sprawl even before it begins.

Linux is both mature and growing, which means the ecosystem is also growing. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other packaged-application solutions are supported on Linux today. IBM has released over 500 products supporting Linux and employs hundreds of full-time employees dedicated to developing, supporting, and providing services for Linux initiatives today.

Why IBM Software and Linux?

IBM Software and Linux are a powerful combination, providing you the business flexibility to respond quickly to market changes in today’s 24x7 global business environment. To find out more about the vast range of IBM software products that are supported on Linux today, visit our Linux support matrix.

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