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Red Hat Summit 2011

Summit. JBoss WORLD. Presented by Red Hat.

IBM is a Premier Sponsor of Red Hat Summit 2011

The Red Hat Summit and JBoss World bring together engineers, business decision makers, developers, and community enthusiasts to learn about the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, and management technologies. A comprehensive agenda allows attendees the unique opportunity to move between both conferences for the price of one! Learn about open source advancements through:

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As a Premier Sponsor of Red Hat Summit, IBM has a keynote presentation, break-out sessions and a booth with technology showcases.

Software, Systems and Services with Linux to build a Smarter Planet. IBM

IBM Keynote

Inna KuznetsovaOpen Virtualization – Ready for Business
Thursday, May 5 – 8:00am at Main Tent

Inna Kuznetsova
Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Systems Software & ISVs, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Corporation

KVM has matured rapidly in recent years, and today offers an enterprise-class, open virtualization alternative on IBM System x®, BladeCenter® and other x86 servers. With top performance benchmarks, superior scalability and leading security capabilities, KVM offers both Linux® and Windows® customers a choice as well as lower costs. This presentation will discuss IBM's open virtualization strategy, with examples of KVM deployments both with customers and on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. The discussion will also consider what makes a hypervisor ready for prime-time, and how KVM and its ecosystem can deliver performance, security and virtualization management.

IBM Break-Out Sessions

Jean Staten HealyOpen Virtualization – Standards and Choice
Wednesday, May 4 – 11:30am - 12:30 pm

Jean Staten Healy
Director, Cross-IBM Linux & Open Virtualization, IBM

Virtualization is one of the hottest topics in computing today. However, there's always the risk of customer lock-in to a single vendor's proprietary approach. This can lead to loss of flexibility and higher costs for end-users. In this panel, hosted by IBM, industry experts will discuss how open virtualization is critical to avoiding vendor lock-in, what IBM virtualization technologies are available to support Linux workloads, and how the combination of IBM and Linux provide IT organizations greater flexibility and choice

Anthony LiguoriMaximizing KVM Density with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Wednesday, May 4, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Anthony Liguori
KVM Virtualization Specialist, IBM Linux Technology Center

Even with steady increases in hardware capacity, there is still increasing pressure to drive virtualization density beyond physical system constraints. In this session, we will review best practices in using KVM resource overcommitment support in Red Hat Enterprise 6 to maximize virtualization density while preserving application Quality of Service. We will also preview new upstream technologies such as Memory Overcommit Manager, CPU capping, and I/O resource limits that allow fine grain Quality of Services settings for supporting mixed workload types in KVM. A brief discussion of IBM's System x®, BladeCenter® and iDataplex® servers that are designed to be optimized for your workloads to address your datacenter challenges will wrap up this breakout session.

Fausto BernardiniIBM SmartCloud Services & Technologies for the Enterprise
Thursday, May 5, 4:20-5:20pm

Fausto Bernardini, PhD
Director, Global Cloud Services Enablement and Deployment, IBM Global Technology Services

Frank J. De GilioFrank J. De Gilio
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Architect for Cloud Computing, Systems & Technology Group, IBM

Cloud computing represents a significant step towards the industrialization of IT Service Delivery, facilitating faster cycles to market and creating new opportunities for efficient consumption of IT resources. This session will describe the latest on IBM's strategy and vision for cloud in the Enterprise, and its value proposition for end users and service providers. IBM will discuss the different delivery models, from private to public clouds, and the workload-specific applications that are ready to migrate to cloud. During this session IBM will also review in detail some of the cloud offerings that it has brought to the market in 2011.

IBM Booth

IBM Booth #804. 1- IBM Power® 750, Watson’s server of choice runs on Linux® on Power. 2- IBM System x® & BladeCenter®, Data center efficiency redefined. 3- IBM zEnterprise™, Freedom by Design, Single Server Simplicity with Linux® and z/VM®. 4- IBM SmartCloud. IBM Cloud Infrastructure, Next Generation Cloud-Ready for Business Today! 5- Take the Grand Challenge – test your skills against, Jeopardy! champion Watson! Also, please visit IBM Booth #CL16 in the Cloud Pavilion.Linux, as the OS for open standards, provides flexibility of HW platform selection, lower cost operations and is a key enabler of virtualization across disparate IT systems. IBM's partnership provides one-stop shopping for customers who can depend upon an integrated solution and support structure; identical to the confidence they have in IBM's support of our own HW and OS's. IBM is a primary participant in the Linux community and supports Linux across all servers, over 500 software products, and a full range of services for implementation, migration, and support of Linux systems. IBM server products running Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) are a very popular migration path for Solaris/SPARC legacy customers. IBM can offer RHEL-based solutions on any STG server product (System x, BladeCenter, POWER Systems, and System z) for migrating and/or consolidating workloads.


Inna Kuznetsova Inna Kuznetsova
Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Systems Software & ISVs, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Corporation


Inna Kuznetsova is Vice President, Marketing & Sales Enablement, Systems Software & ISVs in the IBM Systems & Technology Group. In her current role she manages marketing and sales for IBM Systems Software as well as STG marketing and sales enablement for ISVs. IBM Systems Software was formed in 2009 as a new business unit of IBM with a focus on strategy, development, marketing and sales of systems software operating systems, virtualization, energy and system management, security and availability tools. In addition, Ms Kuznetsova's organization includes cross-IBM Linux and Virtualization missions.

In her prior role, Ms Kuznetsova was Director, Linux Strategy and coordinated the cross-company strategy in Linux including the achievement of revenue goals, rapid response to changes in the market environment and acting as a company spokesperson in Linux and Open Source. She also ran the Business Development mission for Power Systems.

Earlier in her career Ms Kuznetsova was Director of Marketing Planning and Execution for IBM UNIX servers, and held a number of managerial positions with a focus on IBM internal start-ups and rapidly growing businesses. She was a member of the senior management team that launched one of such start-ups - IBM Life Sciences, developing IT systems for biotech and pharmaceutical research and brought it to the position of a market leader in less than three years.

Ms. Inna Kuznetsova joined IBM in Russia in 1993 and managed IBM Eastern Europe/Russia Public Sector prior to moving to the US at the end of 1996.

She has Master of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science from Moscow State University, Russia, and Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.


Jean Staten HealyJean Staten Healy
Cross-IBM Linux & Open Virtualization, IBM


Jean Staten Healy manages a marketing and business development organization with the responsibility for IBM Linux strategy across all company brands. In this role she coordinates the cross-company strategy for Linux including the achievement of revenue goals, ensures rapid response to changes in the market environment and acts as the IBM spokesperson in the Linux space. Prior to her current position, Ms. Staten Healy was the Director of Marketing Strategy in the IBM Software Group, Director of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs in the IBM Systems and Technology Group, Director of Innovation Initiatives at IBM Corporate Headquarters, and the IBM Customer Advocate in the Office of the Chairman and CEO. In addition, she has held management positions in the IBM Global Services Group. Ms. Staten Healy has lived and worked in Asia. She holds a M.A. degree in theoretical linguistics and a J.D. with a certificate of concentration in International Law. Ms. Staten Healy is licensed to practice law in the States of New York and Connecticut and is a published author on various legal topics.


Anthony LiguoriAnthony Liguori
KVM Virtualization Specialist
IBM Linux Technology Center


Anthony Liguori is the KVM Technical Lead in IBM's Linux Technology Center. Mr. Liguori is the project leader of QEMU, the device model used by KVM and Xen. Anthony also wrote and maintains gtk-vnc, a Gnome VNC client used by virt-manager and vinagre.


Fausto Bernardini, PhDFausto Bernardini, PhD
Global Cloud Services Enablement and Deployment, IBM Global Technology Services


Fausto Bernardini has worldwide responsibility for sales and technical enablement and engagement support for Cloud Computing services in IBM Global Technology Services. In this role, Mr. Bernardini leads a team that works closely with clients to support them in transformative cloud computing engagements. He also leads the creation of sales and technical content to train IBM sellers, architects and specialists globally. Mr. Bernardini is a frequent speaker on cloud computing at client events and conferences.

Previously, Mr. Bernardini led worldwide Research projects to develop innovative technologies and methods to improve the efficiency and value of application development and infrastructure management services. Examples include Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design methodology, enterprise architecture modeling, project risk and quality management, software lifecycle process automation, business-driven infrastructure monitoring and optimization. Earlier, he worked at IBM Research's annual Global Technology Outlook, to identify emerging technologies. Before this assignment, Mr. Bernardini was a Research Staff Member and Manager of the Visual and Geometric Computing group.

Fausto Bernardini holds a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University, IN, USA and a Laurea degree in Electrical Engineering from Universita' La Sapienza of Rome, Italy. He is an IBM GTS Master Inventor and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Mr. Bernardini has published more than 50 technical papers and holds 13 patents.


Frank J. De GilioFrank J. De Gilio
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Architect for Cloud Computing
Systems & Technology Group, IBM


Frank J. De Gilio is a Distinguished Engineer from IBMs World Wide Client Technology Centers with a global focus on client enterprise infrastructures. He is the IBM System and Technology Groups Chief Architect for Cloud Computing.

Prior to joining IBM, Mr. De Gilio worked as a computer and systems analyst for Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette where he wrote code and provided connections between the distributed computing community and the mainframe community.

Mr. De Gilio joined IBM in 1985 in the mainframe development organization where he wrote and tested code in the development arena. His development efforts focused on uniting cross platform technologies on MVS, OS/2, Windows and multiple UNIX platforms.

In 1996 he left the development community to work in the New Technology Center where he helped customers leverage the latest technologies in their mainframe environments. His experience with UNIX, Windows, and mainframe systems allowed him to help customers bridge the gap between the different operational models to bring their company to the World Wide Web.

In 1999 Mr. De Gilio left the New Technology Center to build the IBM Design Center, which helps customers architect and design optimized IT Infrastructures. He has worked with customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia showing how to make the most of their IT investments. He was a pioneer in designing infrastructures that featured Linux on the mainframe and has had extensive experience helping clients leverage virtualization in multiple environments.

Today his work has been focused on providing enterprise wide cloud solutions to clients who are interested in leveraging cloud computing. His unique approach looks at an enterprises holistic requirements on cloud, uniting the development, operational and business aspects of the cloud deployment model to ensure that a business is looking at all of the implications of implementing the technology.

Mr. De Gilio has authored a book on J2EE security as well as a number of whitepapers on Infrastructure design and management. He is a regular presenter at user conferences and a number of IBM sponsored venues. Mr. De Gilio holds a number of patents in the system software, Internet, security and infrastructure management fields.

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