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All around the world, businesses, governments and institutions are investing to reduce costs, drive innovation and transform their infrastructure. The economic downturn has intensified this trend, as leaders seek not simply to repair what is broken, but to prepare for a 21st Century economy.

Because IBM understands open standards bring value to your business

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The IBM Standards Policy

IBM supports the consistent and fair application of standards development practices for all stakeholders, whether they be consumer, governmental, commercial, or open source, in emerging and mature economies alike. IBM does now, and will continue, to adhere to the following principles, informing IBM's participation in the standards community with integrity, innovation and good faith.

Because IBM's standards participation policy is grounded in a set of principles:

IBM commitment to accessibility standards efforts

IBM believes that accessibility of information technology (IT) is an important issue that is growing in significance and relevance in many business domains. As an organization we have voluntarily been a leader in accessibility for many years but we are now seeing the emergence of regulations that require or encourage IT products and services to be accessible to people with disabilities. IBM supports the spirit and intent of regulatory activity that creates an inclusive environment with respect to the use of IT but we believe that these regulations should be objective, attainable and standards-based to provide a common set of base requirements that all vendors can work toward.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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Human Ability and Accessibility

Human Ability and Accessibility

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