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Why Choose IBM For Open Source?

Let us help you innovate with open source and private source software leveraging best of breed for total solutions. IBM's extensive software, hardware, and services portfolio, as well over 600 developers working with the community on over 100 open source projects are here to serve you.

Web Application Servers

As part of the community, IBM contributes to Apache projects such as Apache Geronimo and offers WAS Community Edition as IBM's supported distribution of Geronimo. WAS Community Edition pre-integrates Apache Tomcat with other open source components such as web services, security, authentication, messaging and web tier clustering. It is free to download and use in production with support options available on a yearly subscription.

Software Development

IBM contributes to the Eclipse community and then uses Eclipse as the basis on which the Rational Software Delivery Platform is built. IBM is also building its Jazz project for collaborative development on Eclipse, and has opened up access to the Jazz development website to Rational customers, business partners and selected individuals.

Linux, Integrated Stack

Contributing to Linux and providing the Integrated Stack for Redhat and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise, a pre-integrated database and application server stack on Linux.

Systems Management

IBM contributes to Eclipse Aperi and COSMOS as part of the community to provide common open source components which can be used in future generations of products.

Emerging Technologies

IBM contributes to many open source emerging technology projects through communities including Apache and Eclipse. This includes Apache Tuscany, OpenAjax, Dojo, and Apache UIMA.

Information Management

Offering free DB2 Express-C--production ready and with native XML. IBM contributes to the Apache Derby and Lucene projects and uses these open source components in a number of IBM products including OmniFind Yahoo! Edition.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Learn how Cloud can bring value to your organization.

Human Ability and Accessibility

Human Ability and Accessibility

IBM and 'Open' technologies work to remove barriers



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