Migrating to Linux

Ready to migrate to Linux? You're in good company, and IBM's ready to help. Whether the reasons are strategic, financial, or both, companies continue to turn to Linux solutions from IBM as a lower cost, open, and flexible alternative to proprietary operating systems.

Regardless of your migration path, IBM is prepared to provide the hardware, integrated systems and virtualization management, software, services, support, and financing necessary to make a migration possible. IBM can provide the broadest and most complete set of Linux solutions in the industry.

Where do I start?

Server migrations can be very complex, so IBM makes it easy. Our free Server Makeover Analysis can help you understand where to begin and what to do to achieve the best return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership. IBM will develop a high-level technical and financial roadmap that identifies optimization opportunities within the server environment and the best targets for migration.

Download the Server Makeover analysis brochure (PDF,150KB) to learn more, and take the first step to understand what your options are, and help you identify what you can and should migrate.

Need a hand?

When migrating to Linux, a trusted partner with a thorough, tested process is a key requirement. IBM has experience migrating thousands of clients to Linux on IBM Systems with the Migration Factory.. The Migration Factory uses a five-step process that has been meticulously refined over 25 years, helping our clients migrate to IBM Systems running any supported operating system, including Linux. While no two projects are identical, the Migration Factory process helps ensure that each engagement is a success whether it's an infrastructure migration, database migration, ISV package, custom applications, or combination of all four.

Getting started with a migration is easy. To migrate to Linux on any IBM platform - System x, Power Systems, or System z - contact IBM's Migration Factory:

Call +1-866-migr8te, priority code 6N7BU04W


Analyst whitepapers

Interested in a second opinion? These whitepapers from respected industry analysts provide deeper insights into Linux on IBM Systems, as well as competitive comparisons.

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