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Jim Wasko and Thomas KleinWith the founding of the Linux Technology Center (LTC) in 1999, IBM began a journey of collaboration with the Linux and open source software communities. This step recognized the strength of these communities and technologies as a force that would shape the future of business and the information industries.

Linux was already a viable server operating system when the LTC set out to reinforce its potential as a cost-effective alternative for key business applications in businesses of all sizes. Now, Linux is a key technology in every computing area. You'll find it supporting everything from embedded systems to the world's fastest supercomputers, from mobile applications to business systems built on leading database and Web technology products.

IBM's involvement has grown along with Linux, with more than 600 developers participating in over 100 open source projects. We work closely with Linux distributors throughout the development cycle. We develop, test, and support software that has helped the community transform Linux from a useful information technology into a vital, every-day business system.

Today, the LTC continues to participate in the communities of innovators that define the world's IT software infrastructure, driven by a four-fold focus: Make Linux better, expand the reach of Linux, enable IBM products, and collaborate with customers. As we continue into the second decade of the LTC's mission, we reflect on just a few highlights of the first twelve years:

IBM collaborates more than ever with Linux and open source projects around the globe. Our world-wide team's participation in community-driven projects enables us to address the requirements of varied people, languages, and cultures. To ensure the value of this diverse community activity to IBM clients, we continue to partner with Novell and Red Hat to enhance the value of their Linux distribution products and provide contributions that enable the newest features of IBM products.

Our community participation is the foundation of the unique value IBM provides to clients using Linux: World-class technical expertise in Linux, 24/7 support, our full services business, and engagement with key community and industry partners.

Our long-term commitment to Linux and the expertise of LTC developers ensures that IBM will continue to have unmatched capabilities in Linux and open source. We will continue to collaborate and make contributions that benefit our clients, our partners, and the Linux and open source communities.

We look forward to our involvement in the continued growth of Linux and open source technologies supporting businesses of all sizes. We believe the strength of these communities and our commitment to innovation will provide increasing value to businesses around the world.

Thank you

Jim Wasko
Director, Linux Technology Center

Thomas Klein
Director, Linux on System z, Modular and Virtualization Development

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvald

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