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About the Linux Technology Center

The IBM Linux Technology Center (LTC) has a broad development mission:

Development Areas:

Enable IBM products. Expand Linux reach. Customer collaboration. Make Linux better. Collaborate to Innovate.

Customer Focus:

IBM Products:

New Areas:

LTC Locations

Make Linux better

The LTC's goal is to accelerate the growth of Linux as an enterprise operating system while simultaneously helping IBM brands work well with Linux for market growth. The LTC has programmers involved in numerous Linux and other open source projects.

Enable IBM products

The LTC works closely with brand teams across IBM to ensure IBM customers can fully utilize Linux. Virtually everything on which the LTC works is at the request of one or more IBM brands, responding to their customers' needs. The LTC is, via its worldwide Linux Distributor Partners Red Hat and SUSE, the primary supplier of Linux OS expertise and technology for the IBM System x, System z, Blade, and PowerLinux brands. The LTC works closely with IBM Software Group, IBM Storage, and our Microelectronics business on core technologies and strategic initiatives.

Expand Linux Reach

The LTC works closely with industry organizations, such as the The Linux Foundation, to accelerate the expansion of Linux into usage scenarios such as telecommunications, the data center, mobile computing, the embedded space, networking, and anywhere else that the world's most modular and flexible operating system can go.

Customer Collaboration

The LTC works closely with customers to deliver Linux solutions that meet their needs. In collaboration with these customers, the LTC designs, delivers, and implements innovative solutions. Customers leverage the LTC's Linux OS expertise, our hardware enablement, and our development of new technologies to satisfy complex IT requirements. The LTC's interactive collaboration process between our customers and developers accelerates return on investment for our customers.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds

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The Linux Foundation

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