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September 2002
This month in The Linux Line: IBM and Red Hat expand their relationship, The importance of open standards, Linux Standard Base, and the newly announced LSB certification program; two smaller configurations of the xSeries 440 server promise significant benefits in a pay-as-you-grow approach for business customers; the general manager and CEO of IBM in Greater China assesses the state of Linux in China and the challenges ahead; IBM software strategist Steve Mills delivers an update on IBM's plans for Linux in the larger scheme of software and support; and more.
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Linux Line 
Why Open Standards Matter
A well-defined set of standards for Linux is the answer to fears that Linux could go the way of UNIX and splinter, paving the way for a fall from grace. That answer comes in the form of the Linux Standard Base, or LSB, released by the Free Standards Group, which has also announced an LSB certification program. Leslie Proctor, president of Proctor Resources, explains the significance of this certification program as well as merits of LSB.

New Server Models, New Affordability
Waste or waste not? IT planners seeking to avoid spending piles of money for capacity that will go unused are marching toward unique building-block opportunities presented in the eServer xSeries 440, with its pay-as-you-grow approach. A senior analyst at DH Brown and Associates talks about the benefits of two smaller configurations recently announced and their potential impact on enterprise Linux acceptance.

Linux Line 
Benoit Degreve discusses the Red Hat announcement
The Linux Line talks to Benoit Degreve, IBM Global Linux Services Executive, about IBMıs new agreement with Red Hat, what the enhanced teaming means for IGS customers, and how the agreement fits into IBMıs dual-distribution strategy.

Linux Line 
Interview with Steve Mills
The Linux Line talks to Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive of IBM Software, about what he sees for Linux in his role in shaping IBM's overall software strategy. He talks about IBM Linux middleware products; IBM's efforts to increase the availability of third-party Linux applications; IBM's progress in synchronizing Linux releases with those of other IBM supported platforms; and the IBM Linux/software strategy going forward.

Linux Line 
Interview With Henry Chow
The Linux Line talks to Henry Chow, General Manager and CEO of IBM in Greater China. He discusses the progress of Linux in Greater China, the effect the World Trade Agreement may have on Linux adoption in the People's Republic, and the role IBM is playing there.

Partner News
SourceForge.net to run on IBM's DB2 database software; Sapient Chooses IBM Linux-based hardware and software for Java Scalability Lab; UnitedLinux announces beta release and much, much more.

7-Eleven lowers costs with IBM and Trustix Linux solutions; Medical Insight A/S together with Aalborg Hospital see breakthroughs in digital imaging.

Open Source Eclipse project in high profile; eServer Cluster 1350 announced; close-up of I/O servers in large Linux clusters…and more.

Ten new customers move over to Linux with help of IBM and Business Partners; WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition for Linux on zSeries Version 4.0; the latest eServer xSeries benchmarks; introducing the rack-based eServer x345…and more

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The latest in Linux education

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  Did you know?
IBM has scored significant wins globally on the Linux front. IBM has won Linux Journal's Editor's Choice awards with its eServer for xSeries, chosen as best Web Server. At LinuxWorld, IBM won the Best Network/Server application category with its WebSphere Commerce 5.4. At the LinuxWorld China 2002 seminar, IBM China won three awards for Best Enterprise Supporting Linux; Best Linux Customers Service Company; and /Best Linux Solution Provider. IBM shared several awards with Turbolinux, Redflag, AMD, HP, SCO/Caldera and CS&S, but won the exclusive award as Best Enterprise Supporting Linux.

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