IBM & the Linux Community

Supporting the community development of Linux since 1999

IBM began participating in the community development of Linux in 1999. Since then IBM's commitment, investments, and support of the Linux community have resulted in:

Along with IBM's investments, the Linux community's innovation is changing the game by accelerating adoption of open standards, especially in today's work around virtualization, SELinux, and real time Linux.

The open source community thrives because invested individuals, groups, and corporations are actively creating, developing, testing, and supporting the software that comprises the Linux and open source software ecosystem. Being an active Linux community participant means making real and tangible investments, promoting true collaboration, and participating in shared decision making.

Eight years following our initial announcement, Linux and open source development at IBM is still going strong. Today, IBM has committed over 600 people to open source development, actively contributing to Linux and other open source projects. We have made a substantial investment into Linux and open source - and it's working.

The following are a subset of the projects, organizations, conferences, and Linux entities to which IBM actively contributes and participates. The list below is not exhaustive, and it does not cover all of the more than 150 open source projects and communities in which IBM employees participate.

Linux kernel and subsystem development

Expanding the open source ecosystem

Open standards and community collaboration

Legal support

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