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Why IBM for Linux solutions?

Because we're committed to providing leadership solutions to help address real business needs at a lower cost of ownership.
IBM provides unique value with our extensive platform support, enabling our clients to choose the hardware best suited to their workloads, while benefiting from a consistent Linux operating environment.
For a more detailed look into IBM's investment and commitment to Linux and the value we have provided to our clients and to the community.


Linux Success Stories

NY Municipal Shared Services uses Linux on IBM z Systems

NY Municipal Shared Services Cloud

IBM Research and SCA are partnering to create a shared service cloud for the municipalities of New York. This cloud model is predicted to eliminate 25% of government's IT budget by streamlining applications and connecting siloed municipalities.

Zato Health is using Linux and IBM POWER8

Zato Health is using Linux and IBM POWER8

Zato Health is a software company that addresses problems of information silos with both clinical and genomic data. POWER8 in combination with Zato enables edge processing to span large amounts of health record data across multiple systems.

Kenya Power is using Linux on IBM z Systems

Kenya Power is using Linux on IBM z Systems

With a goal to provide universal electricity access by 2020, Kenya Power implemented the IBM Mainframe for its mission-critical systems, significantly improving reliability with fewer unscheduled outages.

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