Watson: Use cases

Start laying the groundwork now with fast ROI smarter analytics and big data capabilities that can accelerate the time to value of a future Watson solution.

Watson is well-suited for a wide variety of applications and IBM is working closely with partners to address more and more of them. Potential applications can be loosely grouped into the following categories:

  • Diagnosis and action - Assistance for knowledge workers dealing with a single case for a single client to pinpoint a condition from among many possibilities and make resultant decisions
  • Contact center support - Personalized self-service experience for clients by dynamically developing personal profiles from unstructured data
  • Research and discovery - Identification of rare studies and information sources while building a case for original research
  • Process optimization - Identification of areas for improvement in business processes by analyzing unstructured data that documents and describes process steps and output
  • Fraud and risk management - Identification of early signs of fraud and management of risk in order to lower overall liability and costs of doing business