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Eric Brown

Eric Brown works on the design and implementation of DeepQA architecture, as well as algorithms for special question processing.

Jaroslaw Cwiklik

Jaroslaw Cwiklik is a lead designer and developer of UIMA AS, the framework that allows Watson to scale its analytical computations across thousands of compute cores.

Pablo Duboue

Pablo Duboue works on Watson’s capability to run thousands of possible question interpretations at a time. He also contributes to the system’s ability to find correct answers.

Eddie Epstein

Eddie Epstein is responsible for scaling out Watson’s computation over thousands of compute cores in order to achieve the speed needed to be competitive.

Tong Fin

Tong Fin is responsible for tooling in DeepQA projects. He has a background in developing web and Eclipse-based tools for Unstructured Information Management Architecture.

Bhavani Iyer

Bhavani Iyer develops, manages, and customizes Watson’s search engine. She is responsible for achieving the speed in DeepQA search to make the system competitive.

Adam Lally

Adam Lally contributes to the design and high-speed implementation of the DeepQA architecture. He also develops algorithms for understanding questions and categories.

Burn Lewis

Burn Lewis is responsible for the operating system that co-ordinates the digital components of Watson with the physical aspects of game play.

Marshall Schor

Marshall Schor works on high performance distributed infrastructure, which essentially helps speed up and shrink very large Java applications.