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The Research Team

Dr. David Ferrucci

Principal investigator for the DeepQA team responsible for building Watson.
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Algorithms Team

The fifteen IBMers responsible for Watson's DeepQA architecture.
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Strategy Team

The group working on Watson's game play and betting strategy during a Jeopardy! match.
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Systems Team

The team that designed the complex system of POWER7 cores that power Watson.
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Speech Team

The IBM researchers who developed Watson's voice and speech recognition capabilities.
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Annotations Team

The linguistics team that developed the taxonomy for Watson’s search databases.
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IBM Research - China

The group primarily tasked with how Watson links data from different sources.
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IBM Research - Tokyo

The group that helped to develop the system Watson uses to attach meaning to the words in a question.
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IBM Research - Haifa

The team responsible for optimizing the search process of Watson’s DeepQA architecture.
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Project Management

The team that managed the relationship between the Watson research team and the Jeopardy! production staff.
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Applications Team

The team working to develop systems that apply DeepQA technology to real-world problems.
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