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Dr. David Ferrucci

Dr. David Ferrucci is a Research Staff Member and leader of the Semantic Analysis and Integration Department at IBM’s T.J. Watson’s Research Center. His team of 25 researchers focuses on developing technologies for discovering knowledge in natural language and leveraging those technologies in a variety of intelligent search, data analytics, and knowledge management solutions.

In 2007, Dr. Ferrucci began exploring the feasibility of designing a computer system that can rival human champions at the game of Jeopardy!. Dubbed DeepQA, the project focused on advancing natural language question answering using massively parallel evidence-based computing. After winning support, Ferrucci has set and driven the technical agenda for Jeopardy! The IBM Challenge.

The Watson computer system designed by Ferrucci’s team represents the integration and advancement of many search, natural language processing, and semantic technologies.

Following the Jeopardy! challenge, Dr. Ferrucci and his team plan to apply DeepQA technologies to areas like medicine, government, and law to drive advances in computer supported intelligence and decision-making.

“The opportunity to pursue an exploratory project that took an area of science that I was most interested in, and to bring together a team of world class people, and push the limits – it does't get any better than that.”

Dr. David Ferrucci
Principal Investigator,
DeepQA/Watson project