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Sugato Bagchi

Sugato Bagchi works on adapting DeepQA to provide clinical decision support. Sugato has a background in developing decision support analytics for a variety of industries.

Mike Barborak

Mike Barborak works on applications and visualizations of the DeepQA technology. He has a background in software engineering and web development.

Anthony Levas

Anthony Levas develops components that allow Watson to make sense of the context of question terms and phrases. He also works to apply DeepQA architecture to new applications.

Erik Mueller

Erik Mueller works on solutions that apply DeepQA to the medical and mathematics fields. His background is in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and Natural Language Processing.

Wlodek Zadrozny

Wlodek Zadrozny works on preparing natural language sources for Watson’s database. He is also involved in adapting DeepQA technology to address business problems in different industries.