Progression path

Start laying the groundwork now with fast ROI smarter analytics and big data capabilities that can accelerate the time to value of a future Watson solution.

IBM can work with you to develop a customized progression path to prepare your organization to get the most out of Watson. Watson solutions are designed to integrate with the broader IT environment to give Watson access to data sources, inputs from other systems, and meaningful participation in key business process.

While laying the groundwork for a Watson implementation, a well-planned progression path takes a project-by-project approach while ensuring that each project delivers measurable ROI and a justifiable business case in its own right. IBM has found patterns based on working with many organizations' needs and gaps. While there is no set chronological order to this path, the three main project categories are:

Make better use of the variety, velocity, and volume of unstructured data that fuels today's business. By crawling through all available relevant sources of data, ingesting the data, and parsing it into usable formats, you can get a 360 degree view your business.

Find insight in a sea of data that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to leverage. Through analytical segmentation, you can get greater visibility into the needs, risks, and critical success factors for the business.

Use the insights gained to take action to improve results. This could mean establishing automated sense and respond actions as well as quickly and easily altering business processes in response to changing situations.

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