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Social Services

The Smarter City, Social Services

More than ever, government social services organizations are under pressure: budgets are shrinking, services are inconsistent, and casework isnt integrated. But the tools needed to reduce this pressure are here. By using the data they already collect and integrating it into an intelligent system, organizations can prevent fraud and errors, improve services and reduce costs.

With a holistic view of their clients, caseworkers can make sure that the right people have access to the right services when they need them. Likewise, social services clients can become active participants by accessing and tracking their own information.

A smarter approach to social services can mean improved services to citizens, increased efficiency for government organizations and better outcomes for society.

Enhancing our Social Services

A Client Centric Approach

  • IBM Solutions

    Increased visibility and integrated systems center operations around citizens.

  • Ahead of the Pack (PDF, 1.24MB)

    The One-Stop Citizen-Centered Business Model.

Information at a Caseworkers' Fingertips

  • Case Study

    See what happened when one California County became instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.

  • The Global Network

    IBM's Integrated Case Management for Cùram.

  • Synthesized Systems

    The UK's Cheshire County Council integrated its social services agencies.

  • The Holistic View (PDF, 591KB)

    IBM's Case Management Solution with Siebel provides a complete glance at client circumstances.