The Customer Experience

A differentiated customer experience is critical for business success.

Companies that consistently deliver positive experiences across all touch points

can maintain customer loyalty, build a stronger brand, and prevent churn.

In the communications industry, this is extremely important

as churn directly affects the performance of the business.

In developed markets, wireless churn averages 1.9% per month.

In emerging markets with a high ratio of prepaid customers,

churn can be twice as high.

Aside from revenue missed from lost subscribers,

it can cost nearly the annual revenue of an existing customer to acquire another,

making it worthwhile for providers to do what they can to retain the ones they have.

Service providers have unique intelligence about their subscribers.

Optimizing systems that leverage this data can help service providers

spot trends and emerging behaviors and gauge interest in new services.

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Getting Closer to Your Customers

Communications providers today are facing increasing competition for customers

due to accelerated technological advances, new competitors, and merger activity.

Using predictive analytics, CSPs can implement more effective retention strategies,

acquire new customers,

and detect and prevent fraud.

By analyzing collected data, service providers can

identify their most at-risk customers, providing targeted offers and services

and improving campaign and promotion effectiveness

to increase revenue and decrease churn.

Behavior profiles based on these analytics help providers

nurture and preserve their most profitable customers.

By identifying patterns that are common to communications fraud,

companies can detect and investigate possible cases,

from bill and payment fraud to unauthorized use of identity.

Predictive analytics software can help prevent future occurrences as well.

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People Networks

Much like today's popular social networking, voice and data service usage

can be analyzed to identify patterns of individual and group behavior.

Service providers often capture vast amounts of information—

like who calls whom, from where and when.

Mining this data for trends can help service providers identify

the most influential people in certain social networks,

while being mindful of their privacy.

By identifying influencers, service providers can quickly tailor individual offers

– like monthly discounts or referral benefits –

to keep these customers happy.

Because if influencers are satisfied,

the people in their networks will follow.

In TheSmarterCity, customer needs are

top of mind for communications providers.

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