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What a fish can teach
you about cloud.

In Bari, an IBM SmartCloud is transforming the economics of the
local fishing industry – proving that business innovation
can start with IT innovation.

    See what's possible with SOA

    Can a new computing model improve a business model? That was the question a team at
    the University of Bari set out to answer. Using an IBM SmartCloud, they built a solution
    that allows the local fishermen to work in a new way. By using the cloud to sell before
    they come to shore, the fishermen are able to adjust their inventory in real-time to keep
    pace with demand. As a result, they're selling more fish at better prices with less waste.
    For the fishermen, income is up 25 percent and time to market is down 70 percent. Today, the
    University of Bari is using the same technology to improve the winemaking and
    transportation industries. What could a cloud do for your business?

    Watch the City of Madrid SOA video

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