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Success Stories of a Smarter Planet.

Along with small businesses, midsize businesses make up nearly 65% of the global GDP. IBM and its Business Partners are helping a vast array of these nimble, innovative companies find and seize opportunities. Read their stories here.

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The hip bone’s connected to the supply chain.

Our current healthcare system is fraught with inefficiency. Take your typical hospital, for example. The amount of time hospital staff spends manually locating, identifying and reordering surgical supplies results in a significant amount of lost revenue. On a smarter planet, we can instrument supply chains to provide higher levels of efficiency.

Implanet, a midsize medical device company, saw an opportunity to create a new business model to do just that. With the help of IBM and our Business Partners, Implanet invented the traceable surgical implant process. Tagged with intelligent RFID chips, implants can be traced through the chain-from manufacturer to distributor to hospital to patient. This highly automated system gives Implanet and their clients visibility to product information and inventory online. Surgeons can access data on implants they have inserted, and hospitals can set up automatic stock adjustments-helping reduce administration time significantly. The new efficiency gained means hospitals can spend more time on what matters most-their patients.

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    Integrate real-time data capture with key business processes using RFID tags in order to increase visibility to inventory and finished products and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Read the Implanet Case Study

    See how Implanet can now provide a highly automated system for tracking high-quality surgical implants with full visibility of product information and inventory online, which reduces inefficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

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    Powerful, affordable solutions expressly designed to help midsize companies improve efficiency, do more with less, accelerate ROI and seize new opportunities faster.

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A Global Network of Expertise

IBM Business Partners are a global network of experts, providing solutions to companies all over the world. With the help of IBM, these Business Partners are able to grow their businesses and connect with other IBM Business Partners worldwide.

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With the help of IBM, Business Partners are driving results for their clients on a Smarter Planet. IBM Business Partners now have access to more resources and opportunities than ever before.

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Fuel Innovation on a Smarter Planet: Learn how IBM Business Partners Help Midsize Businesses

See how IBM Business Partners and IBMers are working together to help midsize companies work smarter and to solve business problems, not just IT issues.

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Explore the Engines of a Smarter Planet

They employ much of the world's workforce and make up most of the global GDP. See how IBM and its Business Partners are helping a vast array of these nimble, innovative companies find and seize opportunities. Discover how IBM solutions can help your midsize business level the playing field on a smarter planet.