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Success Stories of a Smarter Planet.

Along with small businesses, midsize businesses make up nearly 65% of the global GDP. IBM and its Business Partners are helping a vast array of these nimble, innovative companies find and seize opportunities. Read their stories here.

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What if a wind farm could grow more customers?

While global demand for energy is growing rapidly, the fossil fuels needed to power our planet have both economic and ecological consequences. On a smarter planet, we have the tools to create sustainable energy sources that are good for business and the environment.

Ecotricity, one of the world's first eco-conscious electricity companies, saw an opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for greener energy choices-investing over £50 million in new wind turbines since 1996. This midsize business's commitment to new energy helped them double their customer base year-after-year. But when their billing system couldn't keep pace with demand, it began to affect billing accuracy and customer service. With the help of IBM and our Business Partners, Ecotricity streamlined their processes and upgraded their platforms to manage growth and improve customer service. That's good business for Ecotricity-and good news for our planet.

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    CRM solutions from IBM can help you respond more accurately to your customers' needs, learn their habits and increase customer interaction.

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  • Read the Ecotricity Case Study

    Learn how Ecotricity was able to reduce the number of unbilled customers by 70% and reduce customer queries by 15% all while adding 1,000 new customers per month.

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    Powerful, affordable solutions expressly designed to help midsize companies improve efficiency, do more with less, accelerate ROI and seize new opportunities faster.

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IBM Business Partners

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IT Systems: Southern Cross Computer Systems, an IBM Business Partner, helps Midsize Businesses

Mark Kalmus, the Managing Director of Southern Cross Computer Systems, discusses how working with IBM helps them provide customers with technology to optimize processes and improve customer satisfaction.

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Business Partner

A Global Network of Expertise

IBM Business Partners are a global network of experts, providing solutions to companies all over the world. With the help of IBM, these Business Partners are able to grow their businesses and connect with other IBM Business Partners worldwide.

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Business Partner

IBM Business Partners Driving Results

With the help of IBM, Business Partners are driving results for their clients on a Smarter Planet. IBM Business Partners now have access to more resources and opportunities than ever before.

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Business Partner

Fuel Innovation on a Smarter Planet: Learn how IBM Business Partners Help Midsize Businesses

See how IBM Business Partners and IBMers are working together to help midsize companies work smarter and to solve business problems, not just IT issues.

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Explore the Engines of a Smarter Planet

They employ much of the world's workforce and make up most of the global GDP. See how IBM and its Business Partners are helping a vast array of these nimble, innovative companies find and seize opportunities. Discover how IBM solutions can help your midsize business level the playing field on a smarter planet.