Jukebox is a personalized event curating mobile application that offers instant access to various Toronto-based events and venues by providing users a curated and categorized list of the city's most promosing destinations by intelligently learning about your event preferences and suggesting them to you. Jukebox provides a real-time booking solution for you and your social group to easily connect and simply make reservations and ticket purchases.

InnerSpace. Map. Locate. Measure.

Founded in 2014, InnerSpace makes it dead simple for businesses to bring indoor location experiences to their buildings or spaces. We build sensors that automatically create 3D maps of any indoor space and instantly deploy location services into those spaces. Then, we provide businesses with tools that help them visualize opportunities to optimize their spaces and increase revenue.

SWIFTPAD. Pharmacy at your fingertips.

SwiftPad is the pharmacy at your fingertips. SwiftPad builds products for pharmacies that streamlines the workflow and processes of their current practice. Their core product is an electronic prescription management system alongside patient management and medication management tools.


Brili is a mobile and wearable system that helps kids stay on time and succeed in their daily routines. Activities like getting ready for school, bedtime, and more come to life as a game that lets children earn free time and reward, while parents can monitor remotely and review progress.

Analytics 4 Life

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) is a medical information technology company that uses advanced signal processing techniques to extract, process, and analyze important physiologic data on patient health. The company focuses on developing clinically-proven, machine-learned solutions on IBM Cloud to reveal previously hidden information about a patient's health status by analyzing critical patterns and relationships from billions of data points collected from thousands of patients. These solutions, derived from data-intense sets of physiologic signals, will noninvasively and cost-effectively provide medical professionals with 3D tomographic images that can be used to identify and assess diseases faster.

4D Virtual Space. bringing plans to life.

4D Virtual Space is a 3D real time software and big data analytics company that is changing the way homebuyers purchase and design their pre-construction homes. 4D brings floorplans to virtual life. It is bringing much needed data analytics to the pre-construction real estate industry which will enhance and generate cross and up selling by providing historical and real time transactional data analytics for all the B2B channels in the website. Welcome to the 4th dimension where hombuyers will be abel to walk through their homes, click and drag furniture by major retailers, and interact with all the real estate professionals by just clicking their mouse


ConferenceCloud is a next generation virtual attendance platform specifically designed for conferences to scale audiences and monetize their content. Conference Cloud gives organizers a simple way to stream their conference live and help recover foregone revenue. Provide a truly unique digital attendee experience with ConferenceCloud.


Intelocate is a communication and execution platform that bridges the gap between retail head office, vendors, suppliers, brands and locations. The platform increases operational efficiency and capability, removes redundancy and ensures cohesive brand experience while accounting for the needs of each individual location.

Ambience Data

Ambience Data is an air quality monitoring company. Our mission is to provide access to live and accurate air quality information for government departments, business, and citizens. We achieve this by installing small, highly accurate, and inexpensive devices capable of measuring the concentration of pulltants of concern. The data is transimtted, collected, and made available online. Users have access to the data in various formats depending on their needs, including maps, reports, and analytics on our web-based dashboard and mobile app.

Orenda. Software solutions.

Orenda is at the forefront of insight intelligence, and is the first to offer a software service that balances the power between decision makers and the online world. Using proprietary algorithms that interact with six standard measurmenets grounded in social science, the software provides instant feedback on how a company's actions impact its reputation, and predicts brand momentum. It is the first to automatically provide predictive analysis based on public opinion using real-time data.

I am I Authentications Inc.

IAmI Authentications Inc. ("IAmI") is a white-label cloud based security company, offering a very unique and empowering Identity Access Management and Two Factor Authentication service to all organizations. For the first time ever, users will be first responders to cyberattacks and able to self identify and prevent hackers from accessing their accounts, files, network and critical servers - all in realtime!

Who better to authenticate you than you. It's that simple, that effective and that powerful.


Big Terminal filters the noise to expose the signal in financial data using machine learning and data science.

Big Terminal aggregates and integrates millions of news stories and data series, coming from different time zones and in different formats all into a single, easily navigable, inter-comparable user interface. Big Terminal is using big data analysis, algorithmic and data science solutions to keep users informed and satisfy curiosity. This allows Users to get up to speed fast and feel prepared - saving them valuable time.


Studio 1 Labs is a Toronto, Canada based company that developed a patient-centered health monitoring application through a non-invasive respiratory monitoring system, with an initial objective for newborns and infants to reduce the infant mortality rate. Using textile sensor technology, the development of a functional bed sheet for monitoring breathing will pave the way for the future of wire-free patient monitoring , for clinical and home use.


Bitnobi is a MaRS Innovation spin-off from York University that specializes in the providing secure, privacy protected access to Big Data that can be launched on premise or in the cloud. The patent-pending platform was founded on the “need to share” as opposed to the “need to know”. This enables the data provider to be in control of who can access what data but more importantly raw data will never leave the data provider’s premise. Only aggregate data is passed back after the platform verifies that the data user’s data job meets the security/privacy requirements of the data provider. Moreover, it allows a data user/analyzer to execute data jobs one or more data sets from a data provider in a manner that is simple and easy to use."

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