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Smarter stats for a better game.

Better Data for a Better Fan Experience

US Open - Enhancing the Fan Experience

How information enhances the
US Open

For the last 100 years, IBM has helped make the world better by standing at the forefront of modern technology. Since 1990, IBM has enhanced the US Open, one of tennis's most celebrated competitions, by providing a richer experience for players, coaches, spectators and millions of tennis fans worldwide.

IBM provides end-to-end solutions that include equipment, services to create an integrated scoring system for match results and statistics collection, and information and graphics to television broadcasters and other media. The solutions reach fans around the world by providing them a virtual seat to the US Open.

As an extension of these information management solutions, IBM builds and hosts the official US Open tournament website. offers real-time scores direct from the court for every match, as well as updated statistics and video highlights of the day's action and opportunities to engage with other fans and follow the US Open through social media.

From US Open PointStream, Keys to the Match and US Open mobile app, to the IBM Scoring System and Speed-of-Serve Radar, IBM and the US Open are continually working to enhance the fan experience.


Tennis in the Cloud

One truly amazing aspect of the US Open is that a few weeks prior to the event, much of the infrastructure vital to making it happen is nowhere to be seen. For 50 weeks of the year, the USTA operates as a normal business. In August, IBM helps scale up its infrastructure to meet the demands of a global audience for a critical two-week period and then scale back down to support normal operations when the tournament is over. Since 2009, using a highly virtualized, dynamic infrastructure, visits to the Private Cloud supporting have grown by 24 percent, yet cost per visit has dropped 21%.

You'd expect IBM to know how to make the best of a data center because we manage hundreds of them around the world. We continually strive to make our centers greener and more efficient, and what we've learned can help our clients realize benefits such as:

US Open server floor space decreased by 54% after migrating to the IBM Leadership Data Cente