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Discovery topics

Innovation Discovery is about exploring new growth opportunities

Why innovate?

To stand out and get ahead, you need fresh ideas and new strategies. Start by learning about IBM's own journey, and how our innovation experience and complementary strengths help you identify your business archetype, your organization's capabilities and gaps, and key forces on the horizon.

What to innovate?

You might be looking for entirely new frontiers to explore in terms of emerging markets and different geographies. Or maybe keep it close to home: Find new ways to enhance and excite your customer base, or optimize your own organization to increase performance and improve cost structures.

How to innovate?

Innovation begins at home by creating a living, open innovation culture built on your resources' talents and skills as well as managing your intellectual capital. How will you continue to shape and grow your organization to keep up with changes and launch into what's next for the Enterprise of the Future?

Limited edition topics

It's hard to ignore what were once known as "specialty" areas, but their meaning and application vary by organization. This is about joining in with Web 2.0 and social networking, adopting new policies based on environmental and societal trends, riding the waves of the changing economy, and making the most of our changing, smarter planet.

Plan to innovate

After we've examined and analyzed and brainstormed, we choose where collaboration makes the most sense and prepare to put the best ideas to work. We line up our resources, solidify agreements and hammer out the processes and metrics that will support our innovation endeavors.

Success stories

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Read how companies teamed up with IBM for a new look at business

Our approach

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How does Innovation Discovery work? These are the steps.