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Innovation is about ideas made real

Innovation Discovery is about exploring new growth opportunities

IBM customizes Innovation Discovery for each client, ensuring they get access to the breadth of our business and technology expertise in the industries and innovations they're most interested in. We use a variety of virtual and face-to-face interactions to dive deeply into topics and grand challenges of interest to our clients.  Our collaborative process is designed to help participants and IBM converge on real, tangible market opportunities and solutions. Through Innovation Discovery, a nascent idea may, in fact, develop into a commitment to conduct joint research, a prototype, or even an entirely new business built around a new commercial solution.

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A new retail company began the Innovation Discovery journey as they launched a chain of stores. In addition to helping outline a new customer experience, the process paved the way to exciting, unexpected possibilities, adoption of leading-edge technologies and maybe even a new strategic partner in IBM.

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The client wanted to understand how to create an innovation culture and pursue certain near-term innovation projects that take advantage of the latest communication technologies. They were interested in new ways to tap into their customer base, such as by launching a new customer experiences through social networking, in-store mobile retail and other new retail experiences.

Key partnership opportunities:


The client gained greater insight into:

Our approach

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How does Innovation Discovery work? These are the steps.

Discovery topics

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What and how to innovate? Opportunities are identified in these focus areas.