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Integrated multi-channel retailing from IBM

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The goal

Focus on your brand, not your channels

Today, what sets you apart from your competitors is the shopping experience you offer your customers. It needs to be on brand and meet your customers’ expectations, no matter how they reach you. IBM can help you effectively integrate all of your touchpoints, including the Web, store, call center and mobile devices in an experience that is consistent and effective. And the more seamless the experience from one channel to another, the better your customers will respond.

The advantage

Offer many doors to one shopping experience

Optimizing your channels is the key to success. Integrated multi-channel retailing solutions from IBM enable you to evolve your existing, siloed channels to deliver a near seamless customer experience across your various touchpoints. These solutions include:

The benefits

Effective and efficient solutions

With a fully integrated retail environment, your customer can browse for goods in one channel, buy them from another channel and pick them up at yet a third channel. This synergy offers increased customer satisfaction, added revenue and higher market share. From the Web to your catalog to the store to kiosks, you’ll be able to: