Matching Grants program

About the program
IBM Canada will match (based on the ratio table below) a person's contribution up to $7,500 per eligible institution per calendar year. The maximum amount which IBM will match an individual donor's total personal contributions made in a calendar year is $15,000 to eligible colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as cultural and environmental organizations. The contribution must be a personal gift of the individual and must be paid, not merely pledged. The Matching Grant application form is available below. The application form must be received by IBM's Matching Grants Administrator no later than one year from the date of the employee or retiree gift. All applications received after December 15 will be processed for payment the following calendar year.

Persons eligible for participation

Persons ineligible for participation

Organizations eligible for participation

The organization must be:

Note: Membership fees to eligible organizations will be matched by IBM if the membership fee is 100% tax deductible by the donor and the donor does not receive any services, gifts or taxable benefits as a result of remitting the membership fee.

  1. Educational institutions: The institution must be a college, university, professional or technical school above the high school level, located within Canada or the United States.
  2. Hospitals: A hospital will be considered if it satisfies the definition of hospitals as outlined under the Public Hospitals Act (link resides outside of and is accredited by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (link resides outside of Hospitals are classified as general hospitals, convalescent hospitals, hospitals for chronic patients, active treatment teaching psychiatric hospitals, active treatment hospitals for alcoholism and drug addiction and regional rehabilitation hospitals. The hospital must provide in-patient services under the supervision of licensed doctors of medicine, psychiatry, diagnostic and therapeutic services for the medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment and care of the injured, disabled or sick. A hospice will be considered only if it operates a facility that provides supportive care for terminally ill patients and their families. The hospice must be approved for funding by the Ministry of Health and operate on a not-for-profit basis.
  3. Nursing homes: A nursing home will be considered if it is a not-for-profit, charitable, skilled nursing care facility which provides in-patient services (as opposed to health-related intermediate or custodial care) and is appropriately accredited based on Canadian standards.
  4. Environmental organizations: An environmental organization will be considered if it is not-for-profit, charitable, and principally engaged in the acquisition, rehabilitation and maintenance of natural areas, the preservation of wildlife, and/or research specifically directed toward natural conservation activities, as long as the aforementioned do not engage in legal advocacy as a principal part of their activities.
  5. Cultural organizations: A cultural organization will be considered if it is not-for-profit, charitable, professionally managed and opened to and operated for the benefit of the public. Included are museums, libraries, performing arts groups, historical and cultural preservation societies, non-religious public broadcasting and related organizations whose primary purpose is to foster the arts. Also eligible are botanical and zoological societies.

Ineligible matching grants

IBM match: Cash

Match ratios and Cash disbursements:

Category of recipient organization Employees Retirees
All Categories 100% 50%

Disbursement Timing

Payment of the IBM cash match is made directly to the eligible recipient organization on an annual basis. A copy of the Matching Grants application form will be forwarded to the employee or retiree to acknowledge when the IBM match payment has been made.

Application form & application procedure

The employee:

The Matching Grants application form must be completed and submitted to the recipient organization when the payment has been made by the donor, NOT merely pledged.

The Recipient Organization:

The Matching Grants Administrator:

Contact information

For questions on this program, please call:

Your Privacy

The information acquired and contained on the application form will only be used by IBM Corporation, the IBM International Foundation, IBM Canada Ltd., its affiliates and its suppliers for purposes of the administration of the Matching Grants Program.

Administrative Conditions

IBM reserves the right to suspend, change, revoke, or terminate this program at any time. The interpretation, application and administration of the IBM Matching Grants Program provisions shall be determined by IBM and its decision shall be final.