Welcome IBM retirees

For some retirees, IBM might seem a different place than the one you remember. The stunning developments that captivated our employees less than a decade ago have given way to new technologies once again transforming our industry.

But some things will never change. More than a half-century ago, Thomas J. Watson Sr. challenged IBMers to make a difference – not only in business, but also in their communities. Today, those principles guide a new volunteer initiative called On Demand Community, which provides IBM employees and retirees with leading-edge technology solutions to expand the value and impact of their volunteer work.

The primary vehicle for you to get involved is the Corporate On Demand Community website at www.ibm.com/ibm/ondemandcommunity where you can gain access to hundreds of volunteer opportunities by simply establishing an IBM id and password.

It's an innovative approach to corporate philanthropy, but at its heart is IBM's traditional belief that we all can, and should, share what we know to make a difference in our communities.