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Celebration of Service

Catalyst Grant Winners


Round 3 winners


Fundacion Jorge Zambrano (Argentina)

Volunteer: Juan Manuel Zanada

Last year, IBM volunteers worked with the Fundacion Jorge Zambrano to provide computer training for visually impaired people, using an On Demand Community solution and IBM accessibility software. The Catalyst Grant will help expand the foundation's IT lab to support additional training, with a new program focused on Web 2.0 and social media being planned for this year.


The Infants' Home Child and Family Services (Australia)

Volunteer: Mark Burrough

More than 70 IBM volunteers in Australia are helping the Infants' Home Child and Family Service organization in a range of activities designed to increase the charity's ability to serve more families. From installing KidSmart computers donated by IBM, to passing on technical know-how to the organization's staff, to improving the physical space to create more usable areas, the IBM team is helping The Infants' Home achieve its vision of society where, at a young age, every child is given the chance to develop abilities to meet life's challenges and opportunities, particularly for children who are at risk or living with a disability.


Public Programs & Community Interaction, Forests NSW (Australia)

Volunteer: Nalini Kanumury

Cumberland State Forest in West Pennant Hills is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people a year, but the woods are overdue for some ecological grooming. A project, undertaken by IBM volunteers and supported by a Catalyst Grant, will restore an area of forest that is degraded from weed growth. The forest is surrounded by urban areas which create a major issue with weed infestation. Removal of weed species for native plant re-growth greatly helps the local fauna, which includes the threatened powerful owl. Endemic native plant species will be added once all weeds are removed, and volunteers will develop, construct and install interpretive signage. More than 100 IBM volunteers are expected to participate through 2011.


Friends of Westgate Park (Australia)

Volunteer: Shaun Kimpton

A former sand mining and landfill site near Melbourne, Australia is being transformed into a community park with support from an IBM Catalyst grant. The project will revegetate, rehabilitate and protect Westgate Park, which is in an area close to important water sources. The new plantings will increase the habitat values for wildlife to an extent not seen in other metropolitan parks in Melbourne. The site is a short distance from IBM's office, and employees will asked to help the Friends of Westgate volunteers reach their goal of increasing the number of hectares supporting indigenous plants.


Gotas de Flor com Amor (Brazil)

Volunteer: Mati Hisi Higuchi

Gotas de Flor com Amor works to improve the development and integration of children and families from an impoverished area of Sao Paulo. IBM volunteers are helping the organization improve its management and marketing capabilities, as well as working directly with the 210 students it currently serves. The Catalyst Grant will enable the organization to improve its web presence, enabling secure online donations and supporting a revised marketing strategy.


Wuhan Woman and Children Activity Center (China)

Volunteer: Wei Liang

As part of the Celebration of Service, 100 volunteers created a project called "Security Caravan-Juvenile Care" to teach children and their parents how to respond in a crisis such as a natural disaster. This Catalyst Grant will help the Wuhan Woman and Children Activity Center replicate and expand the project, supported by volunteers, to reach an additional 1,000 children.


Women Networks against AIDS China (China)

Volunteer: Hai Nan Yin

Since 2009, Women Networks against AIDS China (WNAC) has worked to establish a network of resources for Chinese women and children affected by AIDS. Despite fundamental challenges stemming from gender discrimination and social stigma, WNAC has grown to serve 11 provinces by constructing a network of volunteers who have access to corporate and humanitarian resources. The Catalyst Grant will help expand this network of humanitarian partnerships and grassroots social organizations to serve more women.


Future Rush (China)

Volunteer: Jill Zhang

A primary school in a distant Shanghai suburb, the Shainghai Fengxian Fuxing Primary School serves the children of migrant workers who are otherwise unable to afford the costs of primary education. Comprised of more than 650 students across 14 classes from grades one to six, the school faces a severe shortage of resources, as it depends mostly on local social and governmental benefactors. The Catalyst Grant will provide equipment and a training program for the school's faculty and staff, improving its ability to fulfill its mission to prepare disadvantaged students for productive lives.


Public Schools (Round 3 winner)

Volunteer: Diana Barrantes & Nestor Raul Ruiz

On the Celebration of Service Day in June, IBM volunteers presented the "Mission Innovation" activity kit to 1,300 students at 40 public schools in Bogota and Medellin. The sessions also solicited ideas from students about saving water and electricity, and promoting recycling at their schools. Two separate Catalyst Grants will fund the implementation of those ideas at two schools, engaging not only IBM volunteers but also students, teachers, and a local nonprofit organization.


Un Techo para mi País (Costa Rica)

Volunteer: Priscila Chaves Martinez

Un Techo para mi País works to improve conditions in impoverished neighborhoods by constructing low-cost homes, by improving social programs (educational, vocational, health, recreation), and by organizing communities to foster sustainability. IBM volunteers have been involved in all phases of this work, and the Catalyst Grant will fund construction of seven additional homes, engaging more than 100 volunteers.


Nirmaan Organization (India)

Volunteer: Preethi Ghalke

The Nirmaan Organization runs career counseling workshops and a telephone helpline serving students from rural areas and supported by volunteers. The Catalyst Grant will help expand both programs, with IBMers providing management and technical expertise, as well as professional and counseling skills training. The telephone service, which advised 25,000 students last year, will triple its capacity and is expected to reach another 70,000 students next year.


Ashray Akruti (India)

Volunteer: Krishna M Sana

Since 2008, IBM volunteers have supported a school for hearing-impaired children in Hyderabad, run by a nonprofit organization called Ashray Akruti. Building on this experience, volunteers will install a science lab, develop an interactive learning tool and conduct workshops that address the particular learning requirements of hearing-impaired students and are focused on science. The Catalyst Grant will pay for equipment and software licenses required by the new science lab.


Kadesh Happy Children's Home (India)

Volunteer: Abhishek Singh

Kadesh Happy Children's Home is a residence and school for abandoned and orphaned children in Bangalore. Already, 108 IBM volunteers support the school through classroom visits and workshops using On Demand Community solutions. The Catalyst Grant will help expand this relationship: a new website, teacher workshops, a library and computer lab, and installation of solar panels to help teach about renewable energy.


The Samaritans (Ireland)

Volunteer: Orla Prendergast

IBM volunteers in Ireland developed a project to support Samaritans Outreach, which raises awareness of the Samaritans services. This project will help students create web pages for Outreach, highlighting how the organization can be used by young people who are particularly at risk for suicide and self-harm. The grant funds will be used to create web page design workshops, as well as project management and technical support, in order to promote mental health awareness and compassion in young people.


Junior Achievement Korea (Korea)

Volunteer: Dosik Bang

"Mission Innovation" is a program of classroom visits by IBM volunteers and university students to inspire young people about the role of technology in society and encourage them to consider technical careers. Coordinated with Junior Achievement Korea, the visits were very successful through the first half of 2011. The Catalyst Grant will fund the creation and printing of workbooks to improve the sessions and support an expansion of the program to an estimated 3,000 schools nationwide during 2011.


Yayasan Chow Kit (Malaysia)

Volunteer: Rozaimi Mohd Said

Since 2001, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) organization has served the low income Chow Kit district, a community with a seedy reputation, by some accounts. Many children in the area are from one-parent homes, and some are the children of sex workers or drug addicts. A team of IBM volunteers has created a curriculum for YCK's teenagers, with the objective of improving their English and computer skills — essentials for preparing the children for life after school, while also filling idle hours in a meaningful way. More than 100 IBM volunteers will give their time and attention to mentoring children who are often discriminated against and neglected. An IBM Catalyst Grant will provide the needed computing materials, as well as resources for field trips, science kits, and reading competition prizes.


Campeones de la Vida (Mexico)

Volunteer: Jose Carlos Izaguirre Zavala

Campeones de la Vida or as it is more commonly called, Nariz Roja (Red Nose), provides material, economic, and emotional support to cancer patients in Mexican public hospitals. IBM volunteers spend two hours a week with patients, talking with them, making them laugh, and taking their minds off their illness. In addition, IBM volunteers help plan and execute events, and a team of IBM volunteers has also been working with director of Nariz Roja (NR), to help create the organization's strategic plan and begin documenting the organization's programs. NR will use their Catalyst Grant and the help of IBM volunteers to continue developing their strategic plan, document fundraising programs, activities, services, create a volunteer registry, and define metrics.


CAP100 (Netherlands)

Volunteer: Saskia van Es

CAP100 helps people with disabilities in the Netherlands to find employment, through an online database of trained people and job openings. IBM is among 10 corporate sponsors of CAP100, and IBM volunteers organized a one-day internship at IBM on the Celebration of Service Day for 23 of the organization's job-seekers. The Catalyst Grant will fund marketing materials to help CAP100 reach more people with disabilities.


Lion Heart (Netherlands)

Volunteer: Gert Kroon

IBM volunteers in the Netherlands worked with doctors to create a program to provide training, materials and funding to three hospitals in Sierra Leone in order to boost the level of healthcare and education. The project will bring the Smarter Healthcare framework to Africa, providing a digital patient registration system, IT infrastructure, support and training to ensure a sustainable healthcare solution. It will also give two schools materials and funding to provide a higher level of local healthcare education. The Catalyst Grant will help provide equipment for operating rooms, ambulances, laboratory and emergency rooms, as well as medicine, medical libraries and educational materials.


Dynamic Teen Company (Philippines)

Volunteer: Edda-May de Dios

"Kariton Klasrum," or Pushcart Classroom, is a program to bring the classroom to the streets of Cavite City, Philippines, with carts commonly used by sidewalk vendors — a more fun and less intimidating way to engage children in slum areas who have no access to education. Founded by The Dynamic Teen Company, IBM volunteers have taught children using the program's curriculum, while also providing basic mentoring and teaching skills to other volunteers who will join the program. The IBM team has pledged ongoing monthly support to recruit more volunteers, develop a more effective teaching method, and help with resources. An IBM Catalyst Grant will support the training of teachers and supplies needed to improve the curriculum, including KidSmart Learning computers.


Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (Taiwan)

Volunteer: Jacqueline Yen

The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) is a nonprofit organization that designs and monitors accreditation of engineering and technology education programs. The Catalyst Grant will fund a one-year mentoring project engaging 50 IBM volunteers, 50 from other IT companies, and 100 female students.


WWF Thailand (Thailand)

Volunteer: Paranee K. Reymondon

IBM employees in Thailand and The Nature and Agriculture Education Centre supported by World Wildlife Fund Thailand, are joining together to provide environment education about Thailand's delicate central plains ecosystem to students who live in the area. Among the planned activities, students from three schools in Pathum Thani province will be paired with volunteers for an environmental field learning experience. Also, to promote environmental awareness and enhance innovation for sustainability, IBM employees will help create a prototype self-watering plant nursery at the education center. Each student will receive a two-page postcard, reminding them to reduce, re-use, and recycle, from IBM's Help Kids Go Green solution, and encouraged to write about what they have done to save the environment. An IBM grant will cover the cost of workshops, materials, the self-watering nursery, and science books.


Tarlaba Community Center (Turkey)

Volunteer: Ozge Nazimoglu

IBM volunteers developed a project to support the Tarlaba Community Center, an organization that supports disadvantaged residents of Istanbul. The project has two strategies: to train young people to use computers, navigate the Internet safely, and learn website design skills; and to contribute to social change by bringing different cultural groups into close proximity. Funds will be used to provide transportation from the community center to the IBM Istanbul facilities where the training will take place, as well as purchase marketing materials, art and music materials, and technical equipment.


TOG (Turkey)

Volunteer: Derya Sel

For two years, IBM volunteers have worked with TOG, Turkey's largest youth organization, to promote leadership in young people. On June 15, 2011, IBM and TOG developed a project to support TOG in four core areas: social responsibility, process improvement, database development and career consulting. The Catalyst Grant will be used to help run a volunteer project in a disadvantaged area, teaching math and science to primary school children. It will also help provide consultant services to TOG in order to both improve the organization's performance and develop a database. Funds will also be used to create a career counseling process for TOG volunteers.


e skills UK (United Kingdom)

Volunteer: Annalise Hayward

IBM volunteers already support the work of e skills UK to promote IT education and careers by meeting and mentoring hundreds of students across the UK. The Catalyst Grant will help expand the organization's intern program by funding a range of additional events, including a five-week work experience program for girls, staffed by volunteers from IBM and other IT companies.


Engineering UK (United Kingdom)

Volunteer: Sohail Mohammed

For three years, IBM volunteers have worked with Engineering UK — a nonprofit organization that promotes the contributions engineers make to society — to put on a yearly national fair that inspires young people to consider careers in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). The IBMers and the nonprofit want to extend their reach to support small, regional fairs in order to reach more children. The Catalyst Grant will enable IBM volunteers to participate in these regional fairs, offering a wide range of hands-on activities designed to engage and educate both students and teachers.


Small Charities Coalition (United Kingdom)

Volunteer: Laura Stringer

For five years and in partnership with the Small Charities Coalition, IBM volunteers have run one-day Skills Master Classes for nonprofit organizations throughout the UK. In the past year 80 charities have participated, learning about technology planning, marketing, measuring impact and web design. The Catalyst Grant will help the Small Charities Coalition reach more organizations and fund the development of additional training resources targeting the skills in highest demand.


Boston Latin Academy (Massachusetts, United States)

Volunteer: Tom Lam

IBM has enjoyed a 36 year partnership with Boston Latin Academy which serves more than 1.700 students from diverse backgrounds. The Catalyst Grant will provide Boston Latin Academy with netbooks and a cart which would securely store the computers. Teachers will be able to check out the cart (and its equipment) for use in classroom lessons. This will also allow the school to give students the opportunity to use tools they will be expected to utilize in college and throughout their careers. In addition, IBM works with the school several times a year to encourage students to pursue STEM careers. They will be able to use these new resources to enrich and enliven the learning experience for the students.


Associated Grant Makers (Massachusetts, United States)

Volunteer: Nancy Rivera

On June 15, more than 100 IBMers and partners joined not-for-profit leaders and students in a half-day session which showed how social media can create awareness, loyalty and change within the not-for-profit community. Associated Grantmakers (AGM), an association of philanthropic organizations and individuals, was instrumental in driving awareness about the event. AGM will use Catalyst Grant funds to provide design, administration, and convening support of four additional half-day workshops led by IBM volunteers. AGM will also use funds to create a content management system for their website that will foster greater communication, information exchange and knowledge sharing.


Sussex Avenue School (New Jersey, United States)

Volunteer: Patrice Scully

For the past several years, IBM volunteers have worked with schools in Northern New Jersey, US, to promote engineering careers during Engineering Week. And on June 15, 2011, IBM volunteers partnered with the Newark, New Jersey, US, Public Schools to bring 100 volunteers into the classrooms of the Sussex Avenue School to deliver science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related lessons and activities. The Catalyst Grant will allow teachers at Sussex Avenue School to further professional development related to STEM, sending them to STEM conferences they are currently unable to attend due to limited budgets. This will reinforce the impact of the IBM volunteers at this school and allow teachers to consistently reach students who are considered to be underrepresented minorities in science and engineering.


Sahana Software Foundation (New York, United States)

Volunteer: Jim Laredo

On June 15th, more than 160 IBMers volunteered at the Sahana Software Foundation to complete a variety of projects, including using n.Fluent to help translate Sahana Eden, an open source disaster management platform, into the six official UN languages, as well as other priority languages. The Catalyst Grant will allow Sahana and IBM engineers to provide trainings for the deployment and use of the Sahana Eden in Colombia and possibly Brazil or Chile, utilizing translations contributed by volunteers. The trainings will include both technical training for software developers, as well as users from governmental and humanitarian agencies involved in disaster response and recovery activities.


Mount Kisco Child Care Center (New York, United States)

Volunteer: Steven Wysmuller

60 IBM volunteers will help the Mount Kisco Child Care Center (MKCC) to improve operational sustainability and efficiency. With IBM support, MKCCC will also enhance its sustainability curriculum, including its seed-to-table gardening/nutrition program called "Feed Me Fresh." The program teaches children and their families where food comes from, and the importance of sustainable agriculture and healthy food choices. As part of this, IBM and community volunteers, partnering with MKCCC will install and maintain a 100 sq. ft. on-site greenhouse to expand the growing season and capacity; repair, relocate, and maintain MKCCC's outdoor garden beds; and teach that simple actions can have positive environmental impacts.


The DREAM Program (Vermont, United States)

Volunteer: Janice O'Brien

IBM volunteers in Vermont will help the DREAM Program research, develop and then implement a new environmental curriculum. IBM engineers and managers will provide support to research the watershed on the 50-acre DREAM property, including helping map the property's with GPS and identifying water quality sensitive areas. IBMers will provide input to design the education curriculum which will contain components of the IBM activity kit, "Clean Water Difference." Funds will also be allocated to the redevelopment of DREAM's website and include a tool where students can upload the water quality data they collect. This collection of data will be used to track the water quality of the property over time.

Round 4 winners


CLUB DE LEONES (Argentina)

Volunteer: Cecilia Valldosera

IBM volunteers in Argentina are helping with the social and digital inclusion of senior citizens in San Isidro and surrounding areas. As part of a program called "Prolonged Youth," the IBM employees are installing an IT Lab, and designing and delivering training sessions free of charge to all participants. More than 1,000 seniors will learn how to use a PC, surf the web, use email, instant messaging and social media tools, all with the goal to make them part of a globalized and interconnected world. Club de Leones will use funds from the Catalyst grant to purchase 20 PC's to start the lab and oversee all aspects of its development.


The Smith Family (Australia)

Volunteer: Kurt Solarte

More than 150 IBM volunteers in Australia are helping senior high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds figure out what to do after they graduate. Through an online mentoring program called iTrack, which is hosted by The Smith Family, a national independent children's charity, the IBM employees offer encouragement, advice and share the benefit of their experiences with the students. The 20-week program begins with students meeting mentors at an IBM location, enabling them to experience a "real" workplace. Following the visit, they communicate online through a series of online chats, projects and activities, looking at topics such as leadership, careers and pathways, inventions, and the role of technology in society. The Catalyst Grant funds will go towards the costs of the mentor recruitment, training, teacher training and the cost of student/mentor meetings to assist The Smith Family add to the existing 65 schools now participating in iTrack.


Instituto Ambiental Conservacionista 5º Elemento (Brazil)

Volunteer: Dorival Roman Junior

IBM volunteers in Brazil are helping to turn the Copacabana neighborhood, one of the most famous tourist spots in the world, into an ecologically sustainable role model. In partnership with a local NGO, Instituto Ambiental Conservacionista 5º Elemento, they hope to change the mentality of restaurant and hotel owners, local business owners and area residents to consciously use the "3Rs" (reduce, reuse, recyle) to create a more sustainable planet. In addition to developing a logistics plan to collect previously separated garbage throughout the city, the IBMers are also involved in explaining the time of deterioration of glass, paper, organic food and how to treat each of those items, based on the 3Rs concepts. The grant will be used to design and build readily identifiable recycling containers, promote the use of recycled materials in hand crafts and t create a video that will be used to encourage people to take responsibility and become part of the solution.


China Science and Technology Museum (China)

Volunteer: Xin Hui Li

Individuals with limited vision and acuity disabilities are at a disadvantage when they want to learn more online about science from website of the China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) IBM volunteers are working with CSTM to provide advanced technology to caption science videos and deliver them to the CSTM website and to host this captioning service on the IBM smart cloud. The Catalyst grant funds will cover the costs to make the website more accessible for persons with disabilities and for those living in remote regions.


Shanghai Roots & Shoots (China)

Volunteer: Wang Xiang Dao

Shanghai Roots & Shoots (R&S), a non-profit organization in China, coordinates the Million Tree Project, dedicated to planting 1,000,000 trees in Inner Mongolia in order to fight climate change, stop desertification and reclaim the forestland. The project also incorporates a migrant school community. Fifty IBM employees, 30 migrant school children, and 11 R&S volunteers are learning and working together to create a greener space for this migrant village. Named the IBM Centennial Forest project, it includes a full day of tree-planting activities. IBM volunteers will learn about their carbon footprints and have a hands-on experience while doing something positive for the environment and the community. Migrant students will have the rare experience of hands-on learning (planting trees, measuring, charting, experimenting, etc.) in their own community and will have a sense of attachment to the beautification of their land. R&S volunteers will have the opportunity to assist in translation and further be educated on practical planting skills and education about environment and social issues. Funds from the Catalyst Grant will help fund the cost of planting the saplings, maintenance and insurance for 10 years, local farmer income, and tools.


Hong Kong Council of Social Service (Hong Kong)

Volunteer: Hok Sum Chan

Hong Kong's underprivileged young people have great educational and vocational training programs, but lack training and counseling on how to get jobs when they finish those programs. An IBM Catalyst Grant will enable the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to deliver its Empowerment Program for Young People in Deprived Communities, providing information and communication technology trainings for underprivileged youth. The program will include 48 six-phase training classes for 300 trainees, a one-day mentorship program for 100 trainees, and a web site for the training program.


Sparsha Trust (India)

Volunteer: Mahalaxmi Bhat

In India, an IBM Catalyst Grant will be used by Sparsha Trust, a non-profit organization, to combine volunteers and technology to help bring school dropouts and slow learners back into the educational mainstream. Skilled volunteers from IBM will establish a computer and science lab in Bangalore-the second fastest growing metropolis in India-while coaching the staff at Sparsha in basic teaching methodologies. The volunteers will then become mentors to groups of students, and help them achieve certain academic levels by March, 2012.


Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (India)

Volunteer: Krishna Vikas Mithai Soma

Almost 320,000 children in India live on the streets, and only a fraction of those receive governmental or NGO assistance-leaving them even more susceptible to sexual abuse and dangerous behavior. With support from an IBM Catalyst grant, the Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW) will provide younger children with training in general computer skills, data entry operations, and multimedia to help them develop employable skills. The grant will also allow HCHW to create a tracking system, which among other things will identify children receiving assistance, measure a child's educational progress, and record cases where children and parents are re-united.


Scuola Elementara Lola di Stefano (Italy)

Volunteer: Francesco Davidde

At Scuola Elementara Lola di Stefano in Rome, 7 percent of the 1,200 students are foreign. IBM's Enable Foreign Children Integration for a Smarter World is a project aimed at integrating these children into the school on linguistic, teaching and social levels through IT. An IBM Catalyst Grant will be used to improve technology at the schools, providing wireless connections and interactive keyboards, leading to an innovative teaching approach that will first apply to foreign students at the school, and then be expanded to all students at the school.


Stitchting Semmy (Netherlands)

Volunteer: John Emmerik

The survival rate for babies with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a tumor in the brainstem, is zero. From the heartbreak of an IBMer losing a child came the establishment of the Semmy Foundation, whose mission is to extend the life expectancy and eventually increase the survival chances of children with this DIPG. An IBM Catalyst Grant will help the Semmy Foundation to work to coordinate research among several European institutions, and collaborate for more insight, better diagnosis and treatments, and improved outcomes - saving children's lives.


Enterprise Development Center - Pan African University (Nigeria)

Volunteer: Remi Abere

More than 8.7 million businesses in Nigeria are small- to medium enterprises (SMEs), and more than 80 percent fail within their first or second year, many due to a lack of planning and guidance. During IBM's Centennial, IBMers chose partner with the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) to help small businesses in Nigeria by mentoring them using the SME Toolkit, aiming to achieve a Smart Goal within 100 days. An IBM Catalyst Grant will enable the EDC to localize the SME Toolkit to benefit more businesses to utilize it, and create other training and mentoring programs for small businesses.


Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation (Phillippines)

Volunteer: Maria Teodora Arribas

Some of the most impoverished families in the Philippines' Cebu province have been given the opportunity to improve their lives with admission into the SmarterYouth Program, a joint effort that local IBMers have created in partnership with the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to poverty alleviation and nation-building in the Philippines. An IBM Catalyst Grant will fund the enhancement of the Gawad Kalinga Toledo Learning Center, enabling IBM volunteer mentors to teach learning sessions in computer literacy and IT to the 16 youth and 50 adults in the program, helping them develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to see larger opportunities and make a living somewhere other than the streets.


Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Phillippines)

Volunteer: Marie Therese A. Manguiat

Philippines university students graduate with skills and training they need to make an impact in the workforce - but they are unguided in how to present themselves when it's time to interview for their first job after graduation. An IBM Catalyst Grant will enable IBM and Polytechnic University of the Philippines to implement the Iskul Blue Kool Project, in which more than 260 IBM volunteers will spend a day teaching students from five colleges the practical skills and essential knowledge they need to successfully enter the corporate world.


AIESEC Taiwan (Taiwan)

Volunteer: Bruce Ke

Taiwan is home to over 50,000 not-for-profit organization; 96% of which are small and medium sized. Trying to keep up with the largest not-for-profits' latest trends, brand awareness and critical fund-raising efforts tends to put many of these smaller organizations at an extreme disadvantage. In this grant, the IBM team will use their skills to help with project management, system analysis and design, development, testing, and promotion of a new online system called IVC (Intelligent, Interconnected, Instrumented, Volunteer, and Charity). This system will help optimize donations and the distribution of resources for those small/mid-sized charities throughout Taiwan helping them to compete and fulfill their missions.


Doi Tung Development Project (Thailand)

Volunteer: Jeanne-Tania Sucharitaves

Despite recent improvements, the quality of education for children living in Thailand's remote Chiang Rai province-part of an area where illegal narcotic drug cultivation and human trafficking are ongoing problems-is unreliable because educators do not stay long enough to create a consistent teaching model. The Doi Tung Development Project has been awarded an IBM Catalyst grant to develop a sustainable solution to collect, maintain, and continuously develop the curriculum, materials, and resources used by the eight schools in the province. Part of the solution will include an online resource center to foster collaboration and a standardized curriculum. IBM volunteers will participate in all phases of the effort.


World Vision Foundation of Thailand (Thailand)

Volunteer: Poranee Sooksripanich

IBM volunteers in Thailand will inspire young people in the Jatujak and Laksi areas to become community youth leaders by engaging them in the planning and execution of a science exploration curriculum. Working in partnership with World Vision Foundation of Thailand and KBank, and with support from an IBM Catalyst Grant, volunteers will share project management responsibility with teenagers of a large scale science day for 150 needy children in the area-imparting leadership guidance and skills while generating excitement for science. The grant will also support TryScience activities, workshops and a mini science exhibition and knowledge sharing for the children to discuss their experiences.


Adopt a Camp (United Arab Emirates)

Volunteer: Mugurel Vasile Florea

The skyscrapers, hotels and shopping centers of Dubai's construction boom were built by the hands of an army of workers bused in from squalid labor camps outside the city. IBM employees have worked together to gather donations and prepare care packages for the labor camp workers, and in 2011, will partner with the "Adopt A Camp" organization to create a IBM Scholarship program to educate the workers and help them attain certifications to increase their job opportunities, salary potential, and chance at a better life. An IBM Catalyst Grant will fund the program for a year, and cover costs of educational materials needed for the program.


Flowing Wells Junior High (Arizona, United States)

Volunteer: Diana Hellman

Every year, 30 female Flowing Wells Junior High students have the opportunity to participate in a program called IBM EX.I.T.E. (Exploring Interest in Technology and Engineering), in which they attend a weeklong summer science, math and technology camp on the IBM Tucson campus and are mentored by an IBMer throughout the next year. An IBM Catalyst would expand and enhance the EX.I.T.E. program by supplying equipment to build an on-campus greenhouse project, including the purchase of technology to track data from the project, as well as other supplies to enable EX.I.T.E. participants to mentor other students in after-school activities.


Belding Elementary School (Illinois, United States)

Volunteer: Christine Parker

Chicago's Belding Elementary School has aging facilities, inadequate technology and a lack of resources, and three-quarters of its students live below the poverty line - but despite that, 80 percent of its students meet or exceed Illinois assessment scores, earning the school a Level One rating from Chicago Public Schools. In order to help Belding become a model of a successful neighborhood school, IBM has partnered with the school to leverage IBM's Smarter Education resources to improve the quality of learning for Belding students, using technology to help teachers assess students and develop individualized learning plans. An IBM Catalyst Grant will fund teacher training and laptops to advance those goals.


P-TECH (New York, United States)

Volunteer: Kathy-ann Hutson

In September 2011, 100 ninth-grade high school students walked through the doors of a new New York school focusing on science, technology, engineering and math: the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH). Through one-on-one mentoring from IBM volunteers, real-life work experience opportunities and high-quality curriculum, P-TECH students - many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds - will graduate with an associate degree that will position them to enter the IT industry or go on to a four-year college. An IBM Catalyst Grant will fund "externships" for students - worksite visits to the IBM Think Exhibit, the Watson Research Center, IBM Fishkill and other sites, to expose the students to a variety of career pathways.