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Icons of Progress

Smarter Water Management


The SmartBay in Ireland’s Galway Bay is an achievement that showcases the possibilities of environmental management using real-time advanced analytics; in fact, SmartBay was recently awarded €3.823 million in government funding that will enable the expansion of the current pilot infrastructure deployed off the west coast of Galway.

But the progress doesn’t stop there. Outside of the SmartBay project, IBM has helped clients from across the water management spectrum to develop solutions that bring cutting-edge technologies to the forefront of improving water quality, increasing irrigation efficiency and preventing disastrous floods.

Rotterdam, the world’s first smart delta city

Fifty-five percent of the Netherlands is vulnerable to floods, and with Rotterdam being the shipping capital of Europe, it’s all about water. The city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is working with IBM to build the world’s first smart delta city—one that captures and analyzes real-time information on the oceans, rivers, rainfall and groundwater that continually impact the city’s infrastructure and operations. The system will enable officials to respond to both flood and drought threats, and can be applied to 40 cities in delta areas across the globe—including Alexandria, Jakarta and New Orleans.

IBM’s Centers For Excellence

IBM has expanded water management capabilities around the world by establishing Centers of Excellence (COE) for Water Management. The goal of COEs is to enable close collaboration with clients and water industry experts to help governments and organizations better use information technology to solve water management problems. COEs identify and “bundle” technology, knowledge and expertise drawn from IBM and international IBM Business Partners.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The IBM Center of Excellence for Water Management established in Amsterdam focuses on advanced flood management and smarter levee management systems. The center will help IBM’s public sector clients worldwide to develop enhanced prediction and protection systems for low-lying coastal areas and river deltas.

Dublin, Ireland

IBM, together with the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland, created another Center of Excellence for Water Management in Dublin, Ireland. The IBM Ireland COE focuses primarily on innovative research and services for monitoring, managing and forecasting environmental challenges, such as the movement of pollutants in fresh water, marine and oceanic environments.


The Center of Excellence in France focuses on using high-performance computing to monitor and forecast the impacts of climate change and severe weather conditions on water resources. The center is based in the Languedoc Roussillon, a southern-facing region with abundant sunshine and seasonal, torrential rains that cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year. More than 400 miles of levees exist to protect the 600,000 people living in potential flood zones.