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Icons of Progress

Corporate Service Corps

The Corporate Service Corps joins IBM’s extensive portfolio of programs and initiatives that are first-of-their-kind among global corporations. The success of the CSC has spurred a host of companies to follow in IBM’s footsteps by creating international service and leadership programs that resemble CSC. The program’s influence has also extended beyond the sphere of business, garnering the attention of philanthropists, governments, scholars, analysts and policymakers.


Influencing businesses

In September 2010, multinational manufacturing giant Dow Corning Corp. announced the creation of its Citizen Service Corps. Dow Corning’s program shares several key features with IBM’s CSC, such as a one-month onsite service tenure, an emphasis on sustainability and collaborations with local organizations. Dow Corning’s 10-member pilot Citizen Service Corps group worked on projects in Bangalore, India. Novartis also created an international volunteerism program modeled after the IBM Corporate Service Corps. FedEx, considering a similar program, is sending several of its employees on IBM projects to test the model for its own workforce.

Influencing educators

Harvard Business School professor Chris Marquis uses the Corporate Service Corps as a case study in the course Commerce and Society: The Strategic Value of Corporate Social Responsibility, which he teaches at the school. “[The Corporate Service Corps] is a leading example of service learning and strategic teaming in the business community,” he says.