Taiwan chronology

The first IBM System/370 in Taiwan is installed at the Taiwan Postal Administration.
The first IBM System/3 in Taiwan is installed at the Ming Chuan College for Girls.

The company begins leasing Office Products. The first IBM Copier is installed. The first online banking system is implemented.

The first multiple computer network is implemented. The first IBM System/7 in Taiwan is installed.

IBM Taiwan marks its 20th anniversary. All 167 employees meet at the Ambassador Hotel to celebrate, and the Taiwan Sugar Corporation is later presented with a scale model of the IBM 402 alphabetical accounting machine, representing the first equipment purchased from IBM Taiwan. Taiwan's first computer-assisted instruction installation begins operating while the first hospital information system is ordered.

The card plant is relocated from Peitou to Tu Cheng.

The first IBM 3031 processor is installed. The first IBM System/34 is installed at the Asia Chemicals Company.

The company announces the first IBM 4300-series processors and the Chinese Data Processing System. The first IBM 3032 processor is delivered. The first IBM 3600 Banking System is installed at the Post Office.

The first IBM 4331 processor is installed at Chang Kung Hospital and the first IBM 4341 processor is delivered to the Far Eastern Textile Company. The IBM 3270 Chinese Data Processing System is installed. China Airlines acquires an IBM airline reservation system.

The first IBM System/38 is installed at Hitachi.

IBM Taiwan employees begin to use IBM's PROFS for e-mail and other office applications. IBM Taiwan opens a Guided Learning Center. The first IBM System/36 in Taiwan is installed at Philips Taiwan. NTU Hospital begins using an IBM patient care system.

The first IBM 3090 in Taiwan is installed at AKCC. The company launches "Service to the Community" programs. IBM Taiwan donates a model classroom to the Chung Li Education Center of the Institute for Information Industry.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, IBM Taiwan conducts an island-wide "IBM Information & Technology Education" show. IBM donates an IBM 4341 Model M02 processor to the Ministry of Education to establish networks of computer service stations in Taiwan's universities. The company donates an IBM 4331 Model K11 processor to the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan to support the government's information program for hepatitis prevention. IBM donates a second model classroom to Soochow University.

IBM announces that it will invest in the Asia Pacific region within the next four years on seven Linux Development Centers, Linux Competency Centers, alliances with Linux-focused business partners, Linux research and development and other programs. The Linux Development Centers will be located in Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Bangalore (which also supports other Southeast Asian countries) and Sydney. IBM and Chunghwa Telecom, Inc. -- Taiwan's leading telecom and Internet service provider -- announce an alliance to deliver Internet data center and e-business hosting services in Taiwan beginning in 2001. Chunghwa Telecom will provide Internet data center space, network equipment and bandwidth, and IBM will be responsible for the IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and services.

IBM establishes the IBM eServer xSeries Taiwan Development Center (xTDC), IBM's first xSeries development center in Asia Pacific and the first such center opened by IBM outside the United States. The Taiwan xTDC will play a key role in connecting local vendors with IBM's global resources for Intel-based server development.

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