The world of manufacturing

Behind the 3033

The demands of developing and manufacturing a single worldwide product line require close cooperation from continent to continent and across national borders. Nowhere is this interdependence better illustrated than in the worldwide manufacture of the 3033 processor, its components and peripheral units.

During the lifetime of the 3033, IBM in the United States and two overseas business units -- one for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (E/ME/A), and the other for the Americas and the Far East (A/FE) -- had their own manufacturing facilities within their territories. Yet, all were closely linked through a constant exchange of ideas, skills, data and people.

Manufacturing of the 3033 processor in the United States was centered in Poughkeepsie and Kingston, N.Y., while E/ME/A produced the 3033 in the United Kingdom and A/FE in Japan. In addition, what manufacturing people called the "CPU support commodities" (innards), came from 15 plants in the United States and abroad. Peripherals for the processor were produced in a total of 14 plants.

Central processing unit support commodities

Feeding into Poughkeepsie/Kingston 3033 processor manufacturing in the United States were IBM plants in Brooklyn, East Fishkill and Endicott, N.Y.; Rochester, Minn.; Raleigh, N.C.; Burlington, Vt.; and Greencastle, Ind.

Linked to 3033 processor manufacturing in Yasu, Japan were factories in Yasu and Fujisawa, Japan.

Supporting 3033 processor manufacturing in Havant, U.K. were IBM facilities in Hannover and Sindelfingen,West Germany; Valencia, Spain; and Essonnes, Bordeaux and Montpellier, France.


Tape units and mass storage devices came from San Jose, Calif. and Tucson, Ariz. (U.S.); and Montpellier and Valencia (E/ME/A).

Terminals originated in Fujisawa and Sumare, Brazil (A/FE); Greenock, U.K. (E/ME/A); and Raleigh (U.S.).

Printers were produced in Jarfalla, Sweden (E/ME/A); Martinez, Argentina (A/FE); and San Jose and Endicott (U.S.).

Card Input/Output came from Toronto, Canada (A/FE) and Vimercate, Italy (E/ME/A).

Other Peripherals and Disk Storage Devices were shipped from San Jose (U.S.), Fujisawa (A/FE) and Mainz, Germany (E/ME/A).