1130 Facts folder: IBM program products

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Linear Programming System/1130 (LPS/1130)

Provides the 1130 disk user with a means of solving linear programming problems and other mathematical optimization applications.

It is used to allocate, assign, schedule, select or evaluate the use of limited resources for such jobs as blending, mixing, cutting, trimming, pricing, planning, and transportation and distribution of raw materials and finished products.

1130 Construction Estimating Program

A contractor uses the program as a tool to extend line item estimating take-offs from the building plans and specifications and to produce summaries of estimated labor, material, and equipment costs for appropriate divisions of work for a given job.

Construction Cost Control System

A system designed to assist a construction contractor in the monitoring and controlling of his job costs. It accepts job cost, completed work and payroll information for processing and storage. It prepares payroll information, prints checks, generates cost comparisons of estimated versus actual, and prints a wide range of reports.

1130 Continuous System Modeling Program II

Provides a versatile means for digital simulation of continuous systems or processes. It uses a block-oriented input language familiar to engineers and scientists. It provides the user with an on line interactive mode of operation while developing and testing continuous systems models.

For many types of investigation, it obviates any requirement for an analog computer facility. Both the design and implementation of a simulation study are considerably simpler with this system than with an analog computer, with corresponding savings in project time and expense.

1130 Distillation Program

Provides the small machine user a distillation computation capability normally found in programs written for larger machines. The ability to solve complex distillation problems on the IBM 1130 meets a growing need of plant operating engineers, plant technical service engineers, process designers, consultants and students.

The Electronic Circuit Analysis Program (ECAP) II

Provides a flexible and powerful tool for investigating the behavior of electronic circuits. It is an integrated system for performing direct current (DC) and transient analysis of both linear and nonlinear electrical networks. It provides fast computation of results, large problem size capability and the ability to handle a wide variety of non-linear problems.

It provides great flexibility in specifying the network parameters and configuration and in the output variables to be displayed in both printed and plotted formats.

Project Control System II/1130

Provides the well established critical path method of management in planning, supervising, and controlling project-oriented work. In addition to critical path analysis, the system provides capability for summarizing externally prepared resource and cost information.

It can record marks for each student and then issue report cards for up to a five-semester year. Teachers can also visually verify the marks before the report cards are made up.

EPIC: Budget/Finance

A Program Product that helps you and the other members of your financial management team develop and implement sound fiscal policies.

It can give you control of expenditures, sophisticated planning capabilities, and the timely, accurate information you need for education program evaluation.

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