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Big Brains: What the brain is teaching us about computing

Think Series Big Brains

With the advent of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction. What will the next generation of technologists do with emerging technologies to make our planet smarter? The IBM Academy of Technology's THINK series aims to spark this and other questions in the minds of students - and make a lifelong connection with the love of science, technology and the unimaginable possibilities they offer.

John Cohn
Co- host: John Cohn
IBM Fellow
IBM Corporate Strategy
Ijeoma Nnebe
Co- host: Ijeoma Nnebe
zCore Design Manager
IBM Systems & Technology

Don’t try this experiment at home!

Anything boys can do girls can do better?

Christine Ouyang
Christine Ouyang
Program Director, Corporate Strategy and Innovation
Master Inventor
Member of IBM Academy of Technology

Brain Mapping: How the IBM's Computational Biology Center maps the structure and function of the human brain

James Kozloski
James Kozloski
Master Inventor
Computational and Applied Neuroscience
IBM Yorktown Research Lab

The Watson Team

Linda Boyer
Linda Boyer
Distinguished Engineer - Watson Solutions
IBM Yorktown Research Lab
Eric W. Brown
Eric W. Brown
Director, Watson Technologies
IBM Yorktown Research Lab
Jennifer Chu-Carroll
Jennifer Chu-Carroll
Research Staff Member, Watson Technologies
IBM Yorktown Research Lab

Part 3: What are we going to do with Watson?

Part 4: When will Watson be in smartphones?

New Ways of Thinking: Can computers think like humans?

Steven Esser
Steven Esser
Research Staff Member
Cognitive Computing
IBM Almaden Research Lab

* Please note: Steven was filmed in telepresence, so the audio and video may be out of synch at times.

Meet Steven Esser

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Homework resources recommended for students on this theme

We recommend the following resources. Each will take about 4-5 minutes to read or watch.

Meet your co-host - Dr. John Cohn

Brain Mapping

Cognitive computing: do computers think?

New Ways of Thinking: Computers thinking like humans?

Additional resources

Classroom activities

IBM has a wealth of external articles we've written over the last two years and from our Research press release room that are also available. In addition, we have many activity kits that may be used in the classroom or at home.