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Technology Topics

The IBM Academy of Technology investigation strategy strongly leverages the power of its community both to update the list of the top 10 technical themes to explore each year (the AoT Technical Agenda), as well as to continuously collect proposals around specific exploring initiatives connected to each theme. Every year the AoT organizes a global idea collector session involving thousands of IBMers that aim to update the AoT Technical Agenda by consolidating themes as well as capturing new development opportunities.

The results are presented as top the 10 technology themes and complemented by a list of top societal/business challenges and perceived IBM inhibitors that helps to better shape investigation opportunities. For each technology theme the AoT appoints a core team who are responsible for providing a 2-3 year view of this technology area including its strategic needs, outlining the key questions that the IBM Academy of Technology should aim to answer related to each theme. The final aim is to inspire a range of initiatives that will both engage the AoT/Affiliate members and have enduring impact on IBM's future success.

Existing Technology Themes from 2014:

  1. Analytics & Data
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Digital Business Transformation
  4. Intelligent Automation for the IoT
  5. Mobile & Wearable Computing
  6. Security and Privacy
  7. User Experience

New Technology Themes for 2015:

  1. Cognitive Business
  2. IT Infrastructure of Tomorrow
  3. New SW Models

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