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IBM Academy of Technology


Running an organization consisting of almost 1,000 of IBM's technical leaders, within a company of 425,000 people is no small feat! With the exception of a full-time President and a small program staff, the Academy operates on a voluntary basis.

Guiding the Academy is a Board of Governors, comprised of senior IBM technical executives.

The day-to-day operation of the Academy is the responsibility of the Academy Leadership Team (ALT) who are elected by the Board of Governors from candidates within the Academy membership. The ALT is comprised of the Academy President and 95 Academy members from across the globe representing major and growth markets as well as the three major technical disciplines of Systems/Hardware, Software and Services, Applications and Solutions. In adition, the ALT also has a Core Manangement Group that consists of seven ALT members. Each Core Management Group member manages a key area for the AoT with the goal of maximizing the value of the AoT.