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IBM Academy of Technology

Rajiv Joshi

Congratulate Dr. Rajiv Joshi, Academy Member

2018 IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award Recipient


Innovation that Matters

Meet 2 IBM Master inventors to learn about cool things

Cognitive Workloads

Infrastructure Designed for Cognitive Workloads: Why is it crucial?

Xavier Vasques discusses importance of cognitive systems and key solutions

AoT New Members

Announcing our IBM Academy of Technology New Member Class of 2017

Congratulate and meet our new Academy members

The IBM Fellows class of 2017

The IBM Fellows Class of 2017

7 AoT members become IBM Fellows and 4 new Fellows join our Academy.

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Image to Represent Technology Topics

Solving Technology Problems is What We do Best.

IBM Academy members are solving the same technology issues that your business is facing. Engage with our Academy on those topics now.

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Our Academy Affiliate Network

Our IBM Academy Affiliate Network has over 50,000 members and growing. Find out what our affiliates are working on and how they are contributing to our success.

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IBM Academy of Technology Think Series
Learn about a new educational series that includes homework resources and replays.

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