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IBM Academy of Technology


Our IBM Academy of Technology publishes a series of TechNotes, written by our members who explore various areas of current and emerging technologies.

Academy TechNotes Volume 6

Number Title Author
1 A New Era A New Hope (134KB) Ana Maria Bezerra
2 Multi Cluster Architecture and Staged Upgrade Process for Zero Downtime Upgrades of Large Data Warehouses (153KB) Sanjeev Kumar and Gandhi Sivakumar

Academy TechNotes Volume 5

Number Title Author
1 Field Study - Integration and solution engineering (75KB) Larissa Auberger, Ivan Milman and Martin Oberhofer
2 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: A Critical Insight (47KB) Peter Finn and Richard Brownitcoin
3 The Productivity of Software Development Projects is Mainly Driven by its Size (121KB) Dr. Holger Kremmin
4 The Realizing Energy Efficiency Through "Green Button" APIs (109KB) Gopal Bhageria

Academy TechNotes Volume 4

Number Title Author
1 Immutable Core and Variable Periphery (37KB) Charlie P Brown and Eberhard Hechler
2 Delivering High Value Industry Solutions (129KB) Amy Silberbauer and Ram Narayanan
3 Batch: with Java from legacy to the cloud (65KB) Philipp Spaeti
4 Benefits of Social Media Analytics (69KB) Nick Kadochnikov, Maureen Norton and Nadeem Malik
5 Building a Cloud Enabled Data Center (83KB) Raffaele Stifani and Pietro Iannucci

Academy TechNotes Volume 3

Number Title Author
1 IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (60KB) Raffaele Stifani,Stefan Pappe, Gerd Breiter and Michael M Behrendt
2 Internet of Things (64KB) Jose Carlos Duarte Goncalves
3 Systems Performance behind Financial Trading (55KB) Elisabeth Stahl
4 Art of Inventing Sofware (76KB) Suraj Shinde
5 Mobile Tourism Planning (52KB) Radha M De and Diptiman Dasgupta
6 Geo-Location Improves Business Process Management Human Task Assignment (50KB) Suraj Shinde and Bertrand Portier
7 Triple strategy for data warehouse projects (86KB) Sabir Asadullaev
8 Learn by Playing (77KB) Sergio Varga

Academy TechNotes Volume 2

Number Title Author
1 The alignment effect on business and IT - business architecture (48KB) Peter C. Bahrs
2 The value of Enterprise Modernization (65KB) Raffaele Stifani and Ton Engbersen
3 Business Rules Management System: business agility through hosted decision management (139KB) Luba Cherbakov and Murali Vridhachalam
4 Watershed management frameworks (336KB) Luba Cherbakov and Murali Vridhachalam
5 Stupid Cities? (143KB) Colin Harrison
6 Beyond multicore (39KB) Peter Brofman, Peter Hofstee and Heather Achilles
7 Better Social Networks for tomorrow (63KB) Diptiman Dasgupta
8 Smarter Commerce performance on Power7 (26KB) Boyd Dimmock and Mikhail Genkin
9 Strategic fit of IT Service Management (32KB) Pietro Della Peruta
10 Centralized/Decentralized Collaboration Model (61KB) Suraj Shinde
11 How to build a Smart Grid (68KB) Jeffrey S. Katz
12 Inevitability of an IT revolution (132KB) Neil Toussaint

Academy TechNotes Volume 1

Number Title Author
1 Platforms for workload optimization (27KB) Elisabeth Stahl
2 Augmented reality in the data center (65KB) Suzy Deffeyes and Neil Katz