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IBM Academy of Technology

Academy President

Susan Schreitmueller

IBM Academy Announces a New President

Our IBM Academy of Technology announces the appointment of
Susan Schreitmueller as the new president on January 1, 2016.

Today, I write to you for the first time as the President of IBM’s Academy of Technology. I’ve said it before, but the fact remains, I consider this one of the greatest honors AND the greatest challenges of my career.


Those are the three themes that I’d like to see central to how we proceed as a premier technical voice and conscience for the IBM corporation.

What do these things mean?

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  1. UNITE & IGNITE – a focus on getting ALL of our members, our affiliates and our supporters united and engaged in delivering value. IGNITING our behavior and our actions. This means increasing our tempo and our reach!
  2. ENGAGE & ACCOUNT – no one left out or not involved… We must engage our entire membership, both new members and long time members. Our affiliates cannot be overlooked as they are our natural extension to the larger technical communities. Mostly we must be accountable for quality outcomes. Let’s jettison things that are not working or not impactful and deliver more nimbly outcome-based deliverables based on value.
  3. CONSUMABLE & ACTIONABLE. This is a biggie. Will I startle you if I dare to suggest our Academy should lead the way to reduce emails by 25%, increase efficiency of knowledge assimilation, application and delivery exponentially? Stay tuned, because this is going to be one of the main focuses in the coming year.

It is my profound hope that even though we are all spread "a mile wide and an inch thin" that we can focus on working smarter not harder.

Stay tuned for some upcoming announcements as we unleash the WILD DUCKS!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Susan Schreitmueller Signature

Susan Schreitmueller
President, IBM Academy of Technology
IBM Distinguished Engineer. Master Cloud Advisor