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IBM Academy of Technology

Celebrating 25 Years of Technical Leadership

On June 2, 2014 our IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) celebrated its 25th year. In 1989, then CEO of IBM John Akers established it to be "the greater exchange of knowledge among our technical people." Over the course of its existence, the AoT has been a strong force of change for transformation - such as IBM's Patent Program that has seen 21 years of unprecedented patent leadership, the adoption of open source computing at IBM, and the AoT's instrumental planet study that provided the technical frame work for smarter planet.

Today, over 10,000 patents have been filed by current AoT members, 35 countries around the world host one or more AoT members, 783 of the top IBM technical leaders are members of the AoT - and combined they have contributed 17,656 years of IBM service in countless technical achievements that helped our clients and the world.

This week the AoT's leadership team is meeting to define their agenda for the next year. What is the theme for the meeting? Catalyst for change.

IBM Corporate news bulletin announcing the establishment of the
IBM Academy of Technology - June 2, 1989