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IBM Academy of Technology

About Our Academy

IBM Academy of Technology Overview


Our IBM Academy of Technology is a society of IBM technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas, to improve communications in and development of IBM's global technical community, and to engage clients in technical pursuits of common value.

Our mission:

The inspiring and inclusive academy of eminent technology thought leaders that have an enduring impact in making the world better.

"What is our Academy of Technology - with subtitles" playlist

Our Academy is organized to:

  • Stimulate, organize, synthesize and advance technical dialogue and innovation across business lines
  • Understand the gaps (and) address the opportunities for innovation that occur at the intersections of units and technical disciplines,
  • Support the investigation of ideas, breakthrough technologies, and concepts that are not specifically aligned to current business directions and organizational strategy,
  • Make our Academy visible and relevant externally - to our clients, partners, professional organizations and academia.
  • Provide opportunity for all members of the global technical community to navigate across IBM, connect with and be mentored by technical leaders, while contributing to IBM's innovation agenda

As these objectives are met, the outcome will be to:

  • Connect the global technical community
  • Increase innovation and support value creation
  • Enhance IBM's external reputation
  • Provide cross-IBM technical interaction that engages and benefits our clients, and
  • Enrich the global technical community by effectively enabling members to know and be known by established technical leaders, while collaborating on topics of interest to IBM, its clients, and the external technical community