Funding your Smarter Systems

As you are planning your roadmap to a smarter planet, you will also need a strategy for how to fund the different components in your business’ smarter systems. What is the most cost-effective and strategic way to fund initiatives while managing cash flow? How to create the right business case from a financial standpoint?

IBM Global Financing has helped credit qualified customers realizing acquisition and the IT lifecycle for the past 25 years. The three reports below is a sample of how to get acquainted with our offerings.

Enterprise Systems Perspectives Financing Video

With an unpredictable economy and rapidly changing technology landscape, making the right enterprise IT investment decision has never been more critical. A key to this strategy is having IT funding sources that are flexible, competitively priced and available when you need them. Join IBM thought leaders as they discuss how enterprise systems financing can help your organization cost effectively achieve your IT objectives with the flexibility to meet today's enterprise IT challenges.

IBM Solutions supported by IBM Global Financing (PDF, 443KB)
An executive brief outlining how IBM and IBM Global Financing are uniquely positioned to provide clients with significant capital resources, leading technology solutions, extensive industry expertise and talent to address your broad business imperatives.

IBM Global Financing helps you acquire the IT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective and strategic way possible. Choose from a variety of financing options to address your unique solution requirements and help manage your cash flow and assets.

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